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April 30, 2005


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That i’m posting a blog (a separate one too) right after that of the principal shud give an indication to the extent to which he has played a part in my coll life.
My first run-in with him was in my very first semester when he was my lecturer for Engineering Drawing, or rather for my class mates as these classes would invariably find myself and Guru Prasad in the hostel. Never really got to understand the funda (or rather the lack of it) in trying to teach something like ED in a class room when all that was required was a good enough imagination.

Anyways, i had been thinking that he would never even have noticed me but then this is kugu. He confronted me on the last day (which i decided to attend) and told me outright that i would have to get all 5 problems right to entertain any hopes of passing. Well, i did.
After those days he just sort of slipped completely from my mind until my 6th sem. But he managed to use the period by managing to do some mimicry on stage for some programme, the princi managed to convince himself and kugu that he was the right person to lead the cultural clubs, and lastly but most importantly managed to convince venks to spend some extra time with us.

Really dunno how he managed to do all these and yet come up awfully short while managing the clubs. To me he’s a real life version of Cornelius Fudge, the bumbling, unworthy minister for magic in the potter series.

Right from venks’ “in which direction are we heading”, it’s been one long struggle. The SAARANG saga was the base for much more exciting times to follow and he did not disappoint us. The extent of our relationship can be garnered from three particular days in our 6th sem when he demanded that both myself and venks give in writing that we would not participate in any further culturals or he was resigning from the coll.

Well, of course neither happened, but the swords were drawn. We went from being famous to infamous. Thankfully we had better people under him in charge for the literary and quiz clubs. But let me tell you it was one looooong draw, be it QUEST or the clubs or the certificates or the allowances.

The number of times that i and RS would have had to go to him each day!!! The day before we were to leave for some inter-coll culturals would invariably find us at his place, empty place. Finally things would wind up at around 9pm with the cheques for the TA and DA, in such a way that we could draw the money only from the long-ago closed campus branch of ICICI.

And of course the times when i and ismail would have to literally dog him all over coll, from the canteen to the rest room to the classes to d princi’s and at times to his evening class sessions. I still have nightmares of him giving me and ismail forms to fill for the ISO accredition.

I can safely state that if only we had had a better person at the helm, TCE would have hosted an inter-collegiate fest in my final year. I mean how corny can one get, taking into consideration that we had the sponsors, the events, the schedules, the budgets et al, literally in our pockets, and yet fail to get the go ahead. The fest boiled down to a literary and quiz fest which also died down once RS got into some deep shit.

The times when he has told us we were ‘pressurising’ him, the instances when he quoted some line about bin laden and kalam both being engineers, totally outta context of course!!!
One thing for certain is that i learned a lot about diplomatic maneuvering from my stint in the cultural committee than i would have had it not been for the people who were in charge.
So in short, a person frightened at the ‘responsibility’ on him, unwilling to pen his signature for even the xerox machines for the circulars, totally incapable of management and absolutely committed to paperwork. And to think that his tenure of 2 years coincided perfectly with my final 2 years at coll. It’s the fates.


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  1. hi santosh,,poor kugu,, you seem to hav retained the same negative stand towards him,, he too has some positives,, do not forget them.

    Comment by jeevish — January 25, 2006 @ 7:15 PM | Reply

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