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May 10, 2005

Final Sem Results – What a Day!

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The day starts with Me, Vinod, Rkp, Prem, Venks, Balaji, and Neeru starting from Venks’ place to get to the junction. Venks’ dad gives us a lift.

Me and Balaji go to reserve us some seats on the train, Vinod and Rkp take care of getting hold of the tickets, while Neeru and Prem take care of the bags. Vinod’s cousin also joins us. The train starts sometime around 6.30am.

6.30 to 12.30
The journey is spent playing cards. Ass is the game of choice (mebbe a premonition of getting our asses kicked?). Venks doesn’t take part much and if i recall correctly Neeru and Rkp get ‘Assed’ the most. Calls meanwhile fly to all and sundry (well actualy to anyone with an airtel via my airtel-440). Balaji takes the opportunity to put some official kadalai with Jayashree. After a point of time Vinod and Rkp just put down the cards, not able to concentrate. There are quite a few false alarms, but TCE is true to it’s history – the results never come before 5pm.

Reach Madurai. The others go home while me and Venks take lunch at Meenakshi Bhavan in the junction (and i charge my mobile). We then catch B5 (one final time for me, a lot of memories there!).

Enter college campus. Venks goes off to the hostel for getting yet another signature from the ASO. I have my travel bag on me and draw some strange looks. Talk with Sharmi for some mins before joining the rest of the guys in the bike stand ditch (After keeping my bag in Ponnambalam sir’s place).

Am chatting with Ramya, and really getting cracked up at how nervous she is. She, a topper, nervous? Spare a sec for us lesser mortals!

The entire class (hostellers included) checks in one final time and the waiting begins. I use the time to go to Kaameshwari maam’s desk yet again in search of my AG. And of course return empty handed.

Yet more false alarms. Not that i am too worried. For the first time in college i’ve done all papers with total confidence of clearing them all. But still in TCE…

The results are finally out. And the drama unfolds. Even before the sheets have been put up on the notice boards of the dept office, some guys manage to look at the results by taking the sheets out of Pitchai sir’s hands. And of course the results that are on them prompt a stampede. So by the time we make our way into the dept office, the sheets are all over the place and mayhem reigns.

Pitchai sir loses patience and collects all the sheets and asks us to move out. As if we would. Sivakumar sends up a scream that still rings in my ears. The moment he sees me he comes up with “naan arrear da, sivaram arrear da, 80 paeru arrear da”. Totally stunned. After some 15 mins of struggle, the sheets are put up – totally out of order. I try to find my name, get to a sheet where my class starts, come down it and find that it ends on 01D72, one number before mine.

More anxious moments, before finally i find the right sheet. I just check under the “Pass/Fail” column, find Pass on it and immediately move out so that others can look. I still remember Natraj Gandhi standing right in front of the sheets and verifying for the 200th time. Not that i blame him though. There is a series from 01d31 to 01D44 with just Jk (01D37) with a ‘Pass’.

A total of 47 students with arrears in the final sem. 31 in TCS. Rajaprabhu clears 11 papers and flunks TCS. A lot of first timers. A lot of toppers get a taste of TCE.

First call up Jami and tell her the story. She’s pretty pent up. Then call up Mummyto inform her i’ve managed to get my degree. Then call up Ramya who’s almost died waiting for the results. Tell her first that 50 arrears. Whew! :-). Then tell her she’s cleared all.

Come out to the main entrance and find half the class in animated discussion and a shell-shocked TCS sir. Prem, Balaji, Rkp flunked in TCS. Vinod gets a very bad deal, gone in TCS, OBM, and VHDL. He tries to hold back his tears, but cant. And 2 metres from where we stand, Nikhil is announcing to anyone who will hear that he’s finally become a topper, highest GPA for the sem in the dept.

An entire group troups to the princi’s office. More waiting. SJT sir goes in and comes out telling that the princi is so shocked that he can hardly speak. (Wonder what the princi did in the dept heads’ pre-result meeting).

Me and Jagadesh get into an animated discussion with Alaguraja and a good crowd forms up around us. Issues of things repeating where me and Jagadesh stood at the same place talking to him for 6th sem CSD, 7th sem OR, and now again. Venks comes up out of the blue and asks some stuff in that accusing voice of his. Guys have to get him off.

Nobody looks like moving out of college. People sitting in the ditches, standing around, not knowing what to do, waiting for something to happen. A lot of high emotions. The COE would be a good choice to release them on.

But then i guess this is what comes out of the TCE attitude. People took no notice at all when classmates were victims in the 6th and 7th sems. Everyone should have taken things up then. And now when suddenly they are in the hot seat, they expect everyone to provide a solution.

Sowmi and Sharmi come up and ask my mobile to call home. And of course RS takes that particular instant to come into the picture.

More drama for me when i find the staff room locked and Pitchai sir is unable to find the keys. After some searching i get the keys and take out my bag. Finally start for home with RS. He takes me apart telling it was all my fault, for not having sued TCE for my 6th sem CSD.


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