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June 1, 2005

Final sem

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Don’t remember the date when the final sem started (am not JK anyway). The first month gets over pretty quickly, what with meetings to decide the posts (we played a part by fixing the votes) and us planning Riviera & Saarang.

The new year starts wit me in my good old Madurai, first at Tornado, then on to abi’s n then a short walk to CCD. Wit d lit n quiz clubs of TCE. One of the reasons being my school frnz have al gone to Madras or Bangalore, courtesy of their so called final yr projects n in no small part to their outrageous syllabus of 2 papers in their final sem.

Riviera in VIT was a blast even if TCE did not exactly set the podiums ablaze as is the case in CIT or PSG. A properly run coll, with 90% placement, all the biggies be it Intel or Oracle coming, those gals, the canteens, the 12 floor hostels, the swimming pools, the rock show…

Then of course comes the feature of seeing all my first bencher n topper classies starting to let their hair loose, literally at times, in the final sem. The exact same things tat we last benchers did n which got all those dark looks from them were now being played out by the supposedly elite pack of TCE, be it bunking classes or making fun of our poor telecomm sir.

The year then took a turn to the worse as far as class co-op was concerned, not that we cared much. Quite a bit of petty politics with the running of the dept. Personally am thankful for Sandy calling me up frm blore n asking me not to stand for secretary come wat may. Then of course came the Venks drama of al those scores n calls n interviews. The commentary tat he gave via mobile after he had just come out of one IIM interview n was waitin for the next…

Personally I was having a harder time than usual wit kugu n the cultural committee, wat wit Venks indisposed n RS having to put up wit the gross mistake of being technology savvy. And of course me n Ismail having to fill up all those umpteen forms for ISO accredtion. Not much frm the cultural front except maybe tat JK got to win a prize in a quiz event. Other than that it was the usual Hemanth show.

If Riviera was a blast, Saarang was even better… Me, Prem, Neeru, Balaji n Janet making it. Started off a bit slowly n then things ‘heated’ up dramatically in the rock show. The events, both organising n participation were outta this zone. The best culturals i have attended.

Then of course Teletech. Me having to answer Rajaram sir for the accusation that i was taking away the good people from teletech. Hemanth n Balaji(jr) took care of the quiz n since they were in Madras with me in Saarang till the day before Teletech….. But of course, Teletech would be incomplete without the days me n Jagi had to sit n design the posters, one after the other after the other. And then having to hear ‘Thanks for the help’ from a couple of heavyweights from my class for having framed the q’s n asked them too for Mock Press (which i incidentally suggested), and for the Best Friends event that i n Balaji conducted. Man, was i hopping mad! And anyway my name was the one listed as man-in-charge for the non-tech events.

Ashok placed in TAFE. Sharmi’s sis being the interviewer. This sem has very few companies visiting when compared to 1 yr back. I finally start to get some normalcy in my leg after the surgery. Try jogging for a week but give up as am not able to get up early enough on account of my usual late nights.

The project. After starting on abt 10 titles n going thro proj mates by the dozen, i finally settle with Jangaal n Sathappan. RF-id. Raju madam is my proj guide. Time is tight. Cultural committee work n then on to proj work n then on to the gym. Proj gets completed finally. And we cop it in the project review.

College peters out to a close. Me skipping the third internals fully. Not much drama or senti from my class except for the forced ululation in jest. Personally i was happy to pass out without an RC. Most ag’s are filled with ‘I have not talked much with u’ n ‘Pls dont waste your talents’ n the like. Neeru will remember!

I n Rajab play football at around 7pm on the last day with 4 of his team mates. Me playing after abt 3 yrs but Rajab was anyway too senti to play his usual game. I’ll miss him.

Exams are done. Me actually reading up on all the five units for the first time. JK ku vanakkam. TCS, Med Electronics, OBM, Data Compression, Remote Sensing n VHDL.

Have to put up with some red tape for one last time. Misspelt name on my TC. Mebbe something still lingers between me n TCE. Named as in-charge for placement training for juniors by Maheshwaran sir who’s been made placement officer. The gals in class invite all to their respective homes for a good-bye lunch. But somehow we backbenchers dont get the invites. A shrug.

To Venks’ place for a week end during which i get my call letter via electronic mail. Also have to adjust to the brahmin way of taking only two meals a day. Were we hungry? Black Thunder for a day.

And we return to Madurai for the fateful day on which we get our results. TCE does it again! Close to 50 ppl flunk in my dept alone. More notably sivaram n sivakumar n a host of others. I manage to clear all. Vinod has a hard time of it. The following weeks are witness to quite an amount of drama. Pity no one had it in them to file a suit on the coll.

The COE exceeds expectations when they expect the ppl to come in person to file the reval forms. Have to do quite a bit of talking to get it done for Sathappan. People placed in Inautix, IBM n Carritor join with a suspended sentence. But things thankfully work out for the better, for a change. And more drama with Anna University questioning TCE as to how so many flunked and more importantly how all managed to clear in reval.


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  1. You took me back to TCE play ground. Thanks da machan!I miss you a lot da!Rajab!

    Comment by Mohamed — June 14, 2009 @ 1:19 PM | Reply

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