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June 28, 2005

last week of training

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My tech training is pretty much over (thankfully). Technically (no pun intended) it gets over this Saturday but since we’ve been announced our projects, the mood’s more relaxed. We’ve been assigned to the AT&T project (my manager called it the AT&T account), a mega project with a big M to it. We start on Monday. The entire training batch has been put under the Web Application and Web Services competency. The posting’s in Bangalore. Got confirmed today only.

Yesterday our manager came, finally. The way he talks I’m afraid to look around and find I’m back in TCE. He went on and on about IBM and that we are here to serve IBM and expect nothing.

Seems there are just 5 levels of hierarchy in IBM. We are in band 6 now. Highest is band 10 and then the executives. Only 4 or 5 in band 10, 100 in band 9, below 1000 in band 8 and so on. So promotion has a chance of about 2000 in 30000.

Otherwise life’s dry here. Class from 9 to 6.30 and from next week office is gonna be worse I guess. For those who are yet to join I’ll let u in on a secret – it’s back breaking. We have to sit glued to our monitors for so many hrs at a stretch.

And with the cost of living here whoever told that software pros are overpaid has to have his foot shoved down his mouth.


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