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July 7, 2005

my corporate life under way, finally

Filed under: My Dayz,work(place) — Santhosh @ 8:09 PM

Hi all As I said in d last mail, some of us r in AT&T proj… It seems dis proj is one of d most imp projs at ibm… V hv bn posted in an office cal’d EGL near airport road… Abt 870 ppl in dis ofice r in dis proj…everything frm development, testing, maintenance, enhancement etc is there in dis proj…i’ve been put in development…everyone hv been put into 4 different applications… I’m in an application cal’d IOM…abt 60 ppl r in dis n is one of d largest it seems… 4-7-05 On monday(our first official day in office after training), they askd us to come to subramanya arcade in bannerghatta rd to sign some forms… Almost 60 were ‘requested’ to come there so tat one person there cud get these forms signed… V then came to EGL to get our temporary id’s until our permanent photo id’s get ready… Abt EGL-it stands for Embassy Gold Links… D campus has a golf course on one side wit d airport next to d golf course…ibm n microsoft share dis campus wit ibm having 3 buildings… There is a common huge food court here apart from d ibm cafeteria which has abt 6 hotel caterers apart from a coffee day, a juice bar n a kentucky… Am yet to go to d food court… V dont hv fixed timings here(v hv to hv regular timings for dis month)… Ppl come n go as they please as long as they finish their modules b4 d deadlines… Also unlimited net access 24 hrs… No rules whatsoever… Ppl listen to music on their headphones… D avg time ppl come to work is 11 or 11.30 in d mornings… Around 4 or 5 in d afternoon is wen they really start working n go on into d wee hrs… guess i shud enjoy dis atmosphere… wil keep u posted… til then… cheers


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