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July 7, 2005

my past three days

Filed under: My Dayz,work(place) — Santhosh @ 8:10 PM

hi everyone these r my last 3 days here… i’l b starting a blog within dis week but until then here’s wat happened here in ibm… 5-7-05 On d first day technically to office, v reported at 9… Al d vrious heads n managers n leads n ppl of d AT&T proj came n addressed n welcomed us… V were then divided into our application groups n asked to go to our assigned cabins… Each of us got a cabin to b shared wit 4 ppl, each of us gets a pc(P4,2.8GHz,60GB,512MB RAM), a set of 3 drawers wit d keys n a phone wit local calls free…v had nothing to do til 5.30… Then started d circus… Al ppl in my application team assembled in a hall d size of our seminar hall… Teleconference wit on-site ppl from ibm,ibm-USA, and AT&T ppl…those ppl were giving us d specifications n requirements n stuff… It was al greek n latin to say d least… First of al d other freshers went to slp not being able to follow or understand d american accent… I start chatting on my mobile wen they started talkin technical… They went on n on in acronyms n tech words n stuff in a technology I dint even hear of til then… It was al tech jargon n stuff… Maybe I hv an excuse tat even some of d senior ppl nodded off… D conference got over by 11p.m tat too only coz those ppl over there wanted to go for their lunch… I askd a person to give me some basic matl to read n he gave me abt 12 pages of abbreviations… Abt 1000 in al… I also had to contend wit a troublesome printer… V hv free access to printers n photocopy machines unlike our coll (where v hv to go al around d place asking permission signatures only to find an out of order sign)… 6-7-05 Probably my most hectic day yet… Reported at 9 for a class for al freshers in AT&T proj… It went on for more then 2 hrs… Came to knw tat dis proj is almost a company in itself… Came back to my cabin n my team leader askd me to tk printouts of some matl n photocopy some others… I had a hard time trying to figure out wat al those controls n buttons n lights meant in both d printer(it’s abt 4 ft high) n d photocopy machine n came bk shaking my head at their speed… Then v had a class for my application team on d basics of our application at 2.30… Dis was sorta ok as there were some stories from switching n telephone comm n stuff(TCS paper stuff)…dis got over at 5 n then v had to go to tat teleconference at 5.30… Not much different from d prev day… 7-7-05 Reported at 9.30 for d AT&T freshers class where d head of d entire proj came to address us as he had gone to some coll for recruitment d prev 2 days… He talkd til 11… Then at 11.15 d presentation started n went on til 1.30… V came bk after lunch n started configuring our LOTUS NOTES on our pc’s… Dis is provided for ibm employees n is a complete desktop application in itself… Dis has al d info on d intranet of ibm… Everything tat v do has to b through dis… Sending mails from our new ibm id’s tat is provided by dis, applying for leave, ordering stationery, complaints to d various desks etc… V hv bn provided wit windows XP but no ms office… V hv to use d LOTUS stuff… Something abt d speed of our net… I downloaded winamps n winzips n mediaplayers n servicepacks… 50MB of downloading takes 2 mins… V dont hv fixed timings here(v hv to hv regular timings for dis month)… Ppl come n go as they please as long as they finish their modules b4 d deadlines… Also unlimited net access 24 hrs… No rules whatsoever… Ppl listen to music on their headphones… D avg time ppl come to work is 11 or 11.30 in d mornings… Around 4 or 5 in d afternoon is wen they really start working n go on into d wee hrs… tat’s it guys… keep in touch… cheers


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