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July 14, 2005

mentor programme

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It’s a very tired hi actually… d last week has bn one
hell of a long week(not yet over too)… ppl in our appl
hv bn selected for mentors… I, an mku MCA guy(dis
guy’s d parasuram of our batch), an IIIT hyderabad guy n another hv bn put together for a mentor…
d word around is tat these divisions r based on our
ints(but I’m wit them)… anyways v went to meet her one
fine afternoon(Monday) n I found to my luck tat she’s
no different from d rest of d office-pure tech no
nonsense types… she askd us some basic q’s n stuff in
java n gave us some problems to solve by d next day… d
next day v went up to her n I found a horror of
horrors waiting… it seems ibm’s decided to develop a
tool for AT&T proj overall head (let me not get into d
details)… v said cool… unfortunately d thing is v 4 hv
to develop dis tool tat too by d end of dis month… v
hv to develop dis in java swings n mvc struts as front
end n db2 as back end… she’s given us d first module n
expects it by Tuesday… started on reading up on them
last nite only…
Then came my second jolt… my team lead mail’d me(here
al contact is by e-media) asking me to prepare a
presentation on a topic… I workd hard n went in only
to find a pack of really hungry guys waiting to murder
me… d session went on for 2 hrs… after tat he asked me
to finish(start for me)my study on jsp,servlets,jdbc n
of course core java by dis weekend as he’s planned on
a test of sorts on Monday… seems he wants our team to
start coding soon…
So now I’m stuck wit 2 projs on totally diff planes
wit no time to study too… al dis while others r having
a somewat easier time… two ppl(both of our coll)
changed diff fonts in a document to timesNewRoman… an
Andhra guy pinged abt 30 urls in intranet to c if they
were active… al dis while some of us r made to work
off our skins…
d routine is d same… a typical day goes smthing like
dis— office at 9 for a
meeting/training/conference-tk ur pick, then to our
cabins around 11.30 where v chk our mails(intra proj
also)… then team meeting at 1… tat ibm tool meeting
for us at 3.15(sharp!)… then d usual teleconf frm
5.30… grab a sandwich in brk… lv office late after
I also dnt c much changing in d near future… mebbe al
dis is actually good for my future but….
By d way v r not moving n r stayin at d same pg… lotsa
ppl hv bn askin me abt d gals… for them… in my proj
not a single fig among freshers n in my appl no one
even in snrs… one joind yesterday n she’s damn good n
just wen I was startin to get my hopes she startd
askin queries n doubts in a meeting tat was greek to
me yestrday… came to knw she has experience… to bring
matters to a close she’s married… some guy got lucky…
in another appl of d proj 4 kerala gals r there of
which 2 r good but they seldom come out of their cabin
n they hv their own guys frm kerala… but in d
cafeteria many r good… as usual in my case al d good
ones r always somewhere else J… as far as blore goes d
city is ful of gals… d only criteria to pick up one is
not to b one(n of course hv time L)…


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