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November 28, 2005

Book Review: The Other Side Of Me – Sidney Sheldon

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Book Name: The Other Side Of Me
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Year: 2005
Genre: Autobiography
This is the latest Sheldon book on sale in the streets of Bangalore. Bought it on Saturday and read it by nite. This just has to be the first Sheldon novel tat does not have yet another female as the lead character. Maybe tat would explain why the sales r not exactly sky rocketing. It just goes through the moments of sheldon’s rise. In short a rags to riches yarn.
It was the title that caught my eye. May be it is a reminiscent throwback to arguably his best novel, The Other Side Of Midnight, or he tells us the story of the other Sheldon before he became a best-selling novelist.
Looks like he has gone to a lot of effort to make sure that nothing controversial comes out of this book. So it has a feel like it is a collection of all the tales tat he would have told his grandchildren while tucking them in. In fact he dedicates this book to them. So the usual Sheldon touch wit a murder here, some carnal pleasure there and of course the lead lady coming through all that is thrown at her (quite literally at times) is missing. Especially the romantic angle. In a place in the novel, Sheldon even goes to the point of admitting that he has a more than active extra life. The places where he goes to a lot of trouble to first get into the Air Force Corps and then to get out of them provide the humour part. If you are a Sheldon fan, you should be able to recognize the people in his life who have been converted into the protagonists in his novels. I guess those people are the 1% inspiration of his genius.
You have to hand it to the guy though. He’s had a career as a usher, bar-boy, druggist, bell-boy, Hollywood, Broadway, playwright, screenplay, nibbled at direction and production before finally becoming what he is now.
So all said and done, it’s just an account of Sheldon’s life and will not exactly get those will-get-ur-pulses-racing or keeps-u-turning-the-pages reviews from the New York Times, but should be an interesting read for those interested in the kind. This is not the regular self-promotion biography and neither is it an inspiring saga. It’s just what Sheldon has given in the book’s front jacket – memoirs, but presented in his very own inimitable style so that the collection of facts and dates don’t peg u down.
My Rating: 5/5

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