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December 27, 2005

An evening at the Leela Palace

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Yesterday, the application team i am in (GIOM) was given a party at the Leela Palace. Really dont knw wat to make of these guys. The amount of work that my module team (QTC) has to do at the moment wud take like ages. And they ask us to kindly come to the party without fail. Inspite of us asking to be excused on account of the work. Well, i’m not complaining.

My overall manager Alli calls up all the 70 or so ppl to one of the meeting rooms. I was taking my lunch at the time she called my mobile and since i was hungry n the food looked like it had actually been cooked for a change, i dint get to the meeting until it was well n truly over. So i get inside the now empty room to find just Alli and 2 others. She gives me this package telling me to wear it to the party n not to tell anything abt the color or size of the tshirt that was inside. I come out n tear open the package to find this tee that is maroon of all colors, n is size ‘L’ which is like two sizes smaller for me. I’ve got nothing against maroon but still…. Thankfully i’m wearing a bluish jean, bluish in the sense of not being washed that regularly. I get shudders wen i think of what wud have been, had i been wearing a khakhi or dark blue. Anyhow i manage to exchange the tee, in the lift of all places, with this guy who looks like he’ll drown in the XL tee that he’s been given.

So me n Vinil set off together to the Leela Palace which is abt a km from my office. But we get a cool lift coz of Debhashis n Subhakanta. So we wind up there n meet up with Hemant n Siva(my QTC team mates) in the parking lot. After spending something like 20 mins n knocking all the wrong doors from levels -2 to +1, we finally get to knw that the party is being held at Amoeba on the -1 level. So we head in there n get this mark printed on our wrists. As if our maroon tees dint set us apart.

We also get a token for a free complimentary drink at the bar inside, only to find out the drink is to be either a pepsi or a mirinda. Like crazy man. So we head straight for the bowling alley only to find ourselves pushed out to go change into the Bowling shoes. Then me, Shubhakanta n Vinil have to search for a 4th person so that we may start. Hemant finally decides to join n we set off. Subhakanta starts off with a 9, Vinil with a 8 and myself gets a 9, to see hemant shoot a straight 10. All’s set for a good tight game hopefully. Only problem is, the entire bowling alley is now over crowded n two ladies from i-dunno-which-module decide that this is the best time to learn this exciting new game. And we are the lucky ones on whose alley they decide to play their wares. So wat do they do. They come up n pick up a ball each n bowl away with all zeal. The first bowl comes at the cost of Subhakanta and the ball rolls off so slowly that it almost goes to sleep on the way. Needless to say, it was a zero pointer. And the other lady decides she wants to show us a replay. And things dont end here. We then discover that their idea of bowling is to grab a ball n keep bowling at which ever alley is free at the moment. So its chaos wen my first line manager Muthu who was playing 3 alleys to our left returns for his second shoot to find a ball crawling across. The look on his face wil stay in memory for ages.

So we do the wise thing n move off. Dunno wat happened to our scores. Thank god there are no negatives, else the electronic board wud have had a hard time keeping track. I n Vinil move to the air hockey table n Hemant moves on to the pool table where he wil stay till the time dinner is announced. I manage to beat Vinil 3 games to 1 n v then move on to some video games before moving outside to take some snaps of us in the Leela palace premises.

We return to find the dance floor has been set up. And wat’s more, they expect us all to dance. Man! How can they in their right minds expect us to dance with our team leads n managers n colleagues who are like 15 yrs my senior. My idea of a good dance wud be the Saarang rock show n i can hardly expect that here, can i. However some young 30,35 yr olds shake a leg n Alli even manages a solo.

And finally dinner is announced. Needless to say, me n Vinil n Hemant were the first three. The food is not exactly outta dis world n Leela palace did its name no good when they announced only one scoop of ice cream per person. And they call it a buffet. Crap man. Any place in madurai wud be one up than this supposed 7 star. But one silver lining was that i got to go to my room early n catch up on some reading wit ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ which i put aside after abt 20 mins of furious paper turning.


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