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December 29, 2005

The bomb that bombed!

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After having left office around 6am, i made my way to office at around 11am. There was quite a crowd near the security gate. For a moment i was transported to my 6th sem, when such a crowd immediately upon entering college wud invariably mean one of my college mates had met a fatal end. Trying to brush it off, and trying to think positively (like hoping that all systems had crashed coz of some virus!), i moved on.

When i tried to enter the IBM cafeteria, i was barred and the security told me that my managers wud give me an explanation (mebbe some poor guy had finally become the much awaited first victim to the food). When i turned the corner of A block, i was met with the sight of some thousand employees standing near the bike stand adjacent to C block. Cud not make sense of anything. And no one i knew was there to ask. Everyone was seriously joking abt the incident at the IISC campus (nice ppl eh?).

Finally located Bala and Boopathy, who gave me a hint of an explanation, if you cud call it that. Around 10.30am, the emergency alarms had gone off, all red lights flashing and alarms wailing (wud be mighty impressive except that we get some 40 ‘false’ alarms everyday). But for a change, it was a real one. Not being used to emergency calls, the people had all come down at a stroll. Heard a couple of guys had even gone off for a second cup of coffee!

Around 11.30, head of security showed up and announced that there had been a bomb threat, and that all employees were asked to leave the campus premises and return around 4pm (Cool! So we are above a ticking bomb for 2 hours).

I was personally overjoyed at getting some time off. Some people were discussing abt their job security in case the biulding really came down (now who says software techies lack in practical matters?).

Most people went down to the basement to get their vehicles, and i heard there was a huge jam at the exits. People swearing at others to move out, that their lives were in peril, and the like. Yet not a single guy was prepared to leave his vehicle and walk out.

And some other real bright ones were waiting near the security gates, and when enquired i got the reply that they had booked a cab, and that it wud arrive shortly (like in an hour). Followed by ominous mutterings that IBM had better reimburse them for the cabs since this was not their problem (As if the IBM management had found a new way to lay off people!).

But the biggest story belongs to Ganesh. He was just arriving when we met him at the main road and when we told him the story, he countered with “thallu, naanum parkanum” and went on in.

Police started arriving and there were also a couple of press vans coming in. Anyways, had a nice lunch and spent some time at Prashanth and Devanathan’s place. Around 5.30, i came to office to look things over. Got to see sniffer dogs and other cine stuff in real. But also got to see firsthand how curiosity kills the cat. Quite a crowd of people were standing there, craning their necks, and almost hoping something happened!

Well, i was not hanging around. Made my way to my room and found the section of Brinda’s cleaned out. (Brinda Santh, room mate, frm Madurai, 3 yrs my senior). I called him up around 9.30 and he answered, telling me he is at home in Madurai. Seems as soon as he heard of things, around 10.30, he started for home. Nice na! He could have at least called me with him.

The bomb threat was declared a hoax.
Now have to work up to catch up with a day’s lost work.


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