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March 1, 2006

Review: IE 7.0 BETA 2

Filed under: Tech — Santhosh @ 2:13 PM

Downloaded the latest offering from Microsoft yesterday – Internet Explorer 7.0 BETA 2. And as with all things with Microsoft, there are the usual bugs and quite an amount of tweaking left.

As with so many other products, Microsoft has come to the party late.

  • This version offers tabbed pages (which has been a feature of Firefox for ages). And i’m having trouble with it :-(. Am not sure what was the idea behind this. It seems to be possible only to create new tabs and enter new site addresses. There is no ‘Open in New Tab’ on right click of a link in a page. Just the old ‘Open in New Window’. So i end up having multiple windows anyway.
  • The official previews say it is more streamlined with more dynamicity in the toolbars. Ya, sure. And the Microsoft search toolbar is fixed! I’ve tried everything but am not able to remove it from my view. Grrrrrr. It just sits there taking up an entire row of my toolbar space with some stupid links like Smiley Central, Screensavers and Cursor Mania. Shit!
  • And then the biggest headache of em all. Am not able to find any option to turn on html content for yahoo mail. So inspite of setting the correct option (Color and Graphics) in the mail options, am eternally in “plain text” mode after upgrading to IE 7. Dunno what the problem is. (Can anyone help me out here or is it Microsoft at it’s best?)

Enough with Microsoft bashing for now. It’s not bad all the way 🙂

  • The new interface has a look & feel very similar to Mozilla. A new small search box next to the address bar which can also be set to default to any search engine of our choice.
  • The phishing filter. There is a separate option to enable/disable and can be set to check/not-check individual sites also.
  • There is also a language translate option provided with a link in the toolbar. Cool feature. Useful for translating the entire page or individual words so that the translation comes up as a tooltip.
  • Feeds. The latest craze around blogging circles. A new separate feature is provided so that it indicates if there is a RSS feed available in the current page and if we want to add it up to any of our homepages. Cool one this!
  • The entire classic toolbar of File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help can be done away with as all options in these are brought in into two or three icon-links. For the die-hards, the classic toolbar can also be enabled.
  • Then there are a few extra titbits like multi-level zooming, more extensive printing options and the like.

Anyways let’s wait and see, this is just the BETA preview that’s come out. But until then i’ll go back to Mozilla. With the number of extensions and plugins available… Problem is it also takes up a lot of memory. So gave a try to IE 7. And this takes up much more. Must be something with those tabs.

The official preview is at:

And can be downloaded (i suggest a strong NO for now) at:



  1. I suggest you use Mozilla Firefox. With sooooooooo many kewl extensions (My mozilla has 112 plugins + skins + extensions installed !! ), it leaves IE far behind in the browser wars. Check out the great Skins, useful plugins, and handy extensions at the site. You can even do things like watch what ur browser sends, stumble upon etc…. Mozilla rules man.

    Comment by parash — March 1, 2006 @ 5:51 PM | Reply

  2. @parashyep, u said it dudeMozilla definitely rocks!!!As i said, wanted to give IE a try coz i love tabs 🙂 and coz Mozilla takes up quite some space.And what’s with thaaatt many extns. Man!Not a single comment from u for all those other posts, and the moment i try to post a techincal one, Wham!

    Comment by santhosh — March 1, 2006 @ 6:06 PM | Reply

  3. hi santhoshyou try flock and opera.both are really good browsersif u want to down load flockthe visit

    Comment by Narayanan — March 1, 2006 @ 10:40 PM | Reply

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