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March 28, 2006

Why does she make me go weak at the knees!

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The part that captivated me first were her eyes. She’d been asleep when i visited her. Wish i could have seen her sleeping, surrounded by baby pillows, and in that pink night skirt of her’s. The moment she saw me, her brows went up ever so slightly, enquiring, searching, captivating. I was lost!

Her face fresh from sleep, baby soft hands with indents where the quilt had pressed upon, hair loose around her angelic face, I was lost!

It took some time for her to become fully awake, to feel comfortable enough with this invader into her private space. Not that i minded. I was content enough to keep looking into those eyes. I was lost!

It took some time. She came to sit near me. Me on the corner of the sofa. She on the chair right in front of me. Touching my knee with a half shy smile. I was lost!

More time. More persuation. More begging. Finally she consented to sit with me, near me, on me. On my lap, leaning on my chest. My hand caressing that unblemished face of her’s. I was lost!

Light as a feather, soft as the clouds, fingers so small, feet so tiny, locks of hair brushed my chin, so honest, so pure, so divine. I was lost!

More time. More persuasion. Finally she allowed me to kiss her. My lips brushed against her cheeks, ever so lightly, her eyes closing in at the corners. Over too soon for me. I was lost!

Still more time. Still more pleading. She consented to kiss me. Her rose petals brushed against my chin, a day’s stubble hurting her. Made me wish i was born again. I was lost!

Time passed as if on a magic carpet. Time to eat. Fed her a couple of spoons. Suddenly it became the most important event of my wasted life. Nothing too trivial. Nothing too small. I was lost!

Time passed. Einstein was proved right. Time to leave. A heavy heart. Hands unwilling to let go of her. Legs refusing to move out. A final hug. A final kiss. I was lost!

This is Krisha. Smitha’s reincarnation. All of 14 months. For all those guys who knw me only in college, Smitha didi (i dont use the didi anyway) was a tenant at my place. Those days we rented out the ground floor of our house to Canara bank, who used the place as the residence for their General Manager. Shenoy uncle was the GM for 5 yrs. His family of Shoba aunty (a mother to me) and three daughters – Sangeetha, Smitha, Roopa moved in. Konkani people.

Me, my mom n my brother visited the now somewhat calmed down Smitha on sunday. Krisha takes after her mom. Had a real gala time with them. Smitha still has the wild streak about her. But she’s also managed to learn to cook. Even if it’s packet cooking. Some good home food after a looong time. And of course a lot of laughter. Planning to visit them more often.



  1. Hey hav u ever seen my kutti papa snaps?try………………n u will be totally lost!

    Comment by Anonymous — March 29, 2006 @ 7:16 PM | Reply

  2. @anonumousi’d be happy toi just lovvvvv kuttiesbut pls leave ur nameuse the “Other” option to comment, instead of “Anonymous”

    Comment by santhosh — March 29, 2006 @ 10:36 PM | Reply

  3. man..a cute one…nice description man

    Comment by Karthik ,K.N — March 30, 2006 @ 11:01 AM | Reply

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