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April 8, 2006

Says who that showrooms dont give discounts!

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Says who that showrooms dont give discounts!

Well, nobody.
But still the general idea is that one cant expect any bargaining or haggling in a showroom. This opinion has come about after times of getting the iterated “standard price Sir!” from them.

I had to buy an iron box very badly (been putting it off for quite some time), and since i’d included this iron box in my list of long term assets, i decided to get a high end model. And since i wanted a high end model, no point in getting it from the bazaar for 300 bucks less right?

So went to Vivek’s on Indiranagar 100ft yesterday. Browsed through the models availabe and decided on a Phillips steam iron (GC2115).

Next the deciding on the price. Anyone who’s been out shopping with me will know the extent to which i bargain (he he ;-)). The price i was quoted was 2750 bucks. With a “let’s see abt that” i asked him about one of his ads on TOI (well, TOI is full of ads rite, so use em) where they had stated they offer the best deals. I simply told him that Adishwar’s (who incidently opened a new branch in Domlur a week back) have an offer for this same model for 2435 bucks (some random integer that came to mind) after a discount on account of Ugadi and Tamil new year. And of course since they were out of stock, and since i needed this urgently, i had to come here ;-).

With a frown on my face, i asked him something abt the service of Vivek’s, which hastened him to his ‘manager’ with a “i’ll have to ask my manager sir”. After some 2 mins he was back telling me that they had ‘just’ got news of a discount on this piece. I then asked him to bring a fresh piece and proceeded to sbject it to the stringent of tests and a host of questions. Once i was sure i had him rattled, i asked him to bill it.

Now the kill! He came up with 2550 bucks. And i told him i was walking out. After being held up for 25 mins by a customer, he wud have copped it from his manager if there was not a sale. So he once again hastened to his ‘manager’ and came back after some time with 2500 bucks. More manipulation and finally settled on 2450 bucks.

So some 20 mins saved me 300 bucks! Not much but still in a showroom, with all the guarantee, warranty, etc… In a bazaar it wud have cost at most 100 bucks less. And not to mention the satisfaction of having bargained.

The iron is 1700W, has a 25g steam output, shot of steam (vertical also) of upto 60g. Nice and heavy duty.

BTW, went through the user manual Image. And came up with a couple of howlers:

if plate is hot, dont touch it to check for heat!
if not sure abt the texture of cloth, iron in area which is not visible if worn!


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