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April 12, 2006

I get some off-time, courtesy Rajkumar

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Around 2pm today, Kannada thespian and film star Rajkumar expired. And this being Bangalore, it was declared a bandh with immediate effect. People in office started to move out fearing disruption of transport and as usual AT&T proj was the last to clear out. Not that people were that involved in their work, but as is their wont, our managers took so much time to get to a decision. Guess they just cant bear seeing people happy!

Around 3pm was chatting with Apu (after a long time, tat too coz I happened to be in Sametime) when she told me the news and that her proj ppl (she’s in Chrysler Daimler) were starting to leave. It was around 5.30pm only that we guys got a mail from our managers asking us to think of our safety (finally) and to leave ‘somewhat’ early if required.

I walked home and the distance was straight out of one of Rajkumar’s sons’ movies. Groups of people carrying his flags were asking people to close down all shops, and all autos, buses, and cabs were forcibly stopped and asked to move off the roads. Mebbe i shud have got myself a leather jacket, leather boots with steel tips, leather bands with steel on them (and while we are at it, make the leather black), a red headband, tousled up my hair, and gone charging “yaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” down the center of an empty airport road at them with my bare hands. But then since leather costs so much…

Since more than 4 hours had already elapsed since Rajkumar’s death, most people had moved indoors. It was like walking through a ghost town, what with all streets totally deserted, groups of people with flags and sticks and police patrolling the streets in vehicles.

My biggest worry was for dinner 😉 while Sivaraman and Hemant (who are both staying the night at office) advised me not to get into problems with anyone on the way home. Maybe they expect me to go get the baddies after the train incident. Seriousa wud never try any such thing with politics. As long as they tell such veera stories of me to some gal it’s ok eh ;-). And then Rakesh also called me up and asked me to take care while going home and not to be tempted by anything. Dae edhellam over da.

Anyways got home without incident, and stayed indoors. Went out at around 8.30 to see if any eatery or shop was open (was game for even Marie biscuits, semma pasi)… and walked straight into a couple of police. Imagine me in night pants and a black v-neck, the only non-Rajkumar non-police guy on the street, no id-cards, and more importantly no Kannada. Tough 5 mins of language bashing. Finally came to the conclusion that my mixture of tamil and telugu does NOT result in Kannada.

Anyways back home and no food for the night as i type this .
(sothukku lottery, as i told to Satheesh who just called up).

Got an sms from the Commisioner of Police asking people not to panic and that everything was under control. Yeah, sure, just that i also got news that a bus and a couple of cars have been burnt. But still, it’s a novel way to get to the people.

Guess it takes a bomb threat or a state bandh of this sort to get a day off in IBM. Well, i’m not complaining (abt the holiday that is). And as for my hunger, i cud murder him again.


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  1. you will not get kannada by Tamil+telugubut you tried to get the best kannada out these two . nice dudeyou can write about kanteerava stadium incident in your blog

    Comment by Narayanan — April 21, 2006 @ 1:53 PM | Reply

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