Days of our Lives!

April 14, 2006


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The media has been going to town (like, say, Jodhpur) with the image of a martyred hero! And it wud be quite impressive too, except for the fact that the ‘victim’ has a rap sheet long enough to make Al Capone look like a school kid.

It’s being said he’s been handed an unusually harsh punishment, that his sentence is almost as much as the maximum allowable. Well, then why do we have such things as maximum sentences, if not for handing them out.

Have also been reading notes on how other ‘bigger’ crimes have gone scot free and how ‘poor’ Salman is soooo unlucky to have such a sentence for such a ‘small’ crime. Never knew there were such things as a good crime and a bad crime. The mood shud have been just like Salman has got justice meted out, the other issues named either shud also get the due desserts, or we shud make sure of it.

The reason for the bail is given that his mother missed her beta so much that she had a stroke and was in hospital on drips (Bollywood amma)! And the day he gets out of jail, he is met with good news: that his mother is also getting outta the hospital. I half expected stories of him sitting by his ma and she opening her eyes only when he came up and sang an old family song. And as for our hero, he turns up in vests (mebbe VIP No. 1 sponsors him) for press meets and goes to a pool party that same night to celebrate his salvation.

I got a fwd a few days back how Aish and co were paid crores to appear at the commonwealth games and wave at the crowds. These people who proclaim that they are a most patriotic lot demand money for a privelege that most people wud give their right hands for.

So do we give our ‘stars’ extra leverage? Are they somehow on a somewhat higher plane than us mere mortals? Can they assume that they have a license to destroy, to kill? How much have we played a part in their evolving into such a species?


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  1. I really don’t understand why we need Aishwarya Rai to promote commonwealth with this kind of scale and money gets advertized itself.when did flim stars became patriots?

    Comment by Narayanan — May 12, 2006 @ 7:42 PM | Reply

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