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May 4, 2006

(Qu)otta System

Filed under: Comedy-Keemedy,My Cup of Socie-Tea — Santhosh @ 1:13 AM

Dravid, Pathan, Sehwag, Yuvi, Bhajji dropped!
Reason: 59% of the playing 11 comes under the reservation quota.
Sachin is untouchable, so that leaves us with 10 people of which 59% is reserved.
So India bat first and Dhoni has to retire-hurt by the 41st over.

Mani Ratnam’s new movie is being dissected at Cannes. The usual dark lighting, whispered conversation, too few characters, and to this mix add the reservation system: any film made by/for/with/in India has to have 43% characters played by reserved people. So we have people suddenly growing up so that they can be replaced after 43% of the film. (Atleast that was the idea, but Mani has the film such that the sum of times of appearances of characters complies with the quota system). Also add the rider that 53% of the film has to be made in rural areas. So we have our Maddy who grows up in Switzerland coming down to Kallupatti for a song sequence.

Kaviyarasu Vairamuthu pens down lyrics such that 51% show ‘underpriveleged’ India in a stronger light. Not that Rajini or Vijayakanth mind, but Vairamuthu now has to learn the actual meanings of the words he includes.

Thiagarajar College Of Engg has a new certification to put the students through Hell. The Quota Certification. As usual a lot of forms, papers and sh*t! Along with AICTE accredited, ISO certified and NBA certified, TCE is now triumphantly marching toward being Quota Certified.

The Leela Palace, Bangalore, is closing down. The Reservation System directive for hotels states that 43% of diners at any given time shud be from the reserved community. Even though they have a few paid ‘customers’ who are of cross blood to take care of tricky percentages, they have to turn away ‘normal’ people to balance the very low number of Quota people who dine there. Guess they just dont dig Continental!


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