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May 17, 2006

Oru Kallooriyin Kadhai – a parallel of political TN?

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Not sure how many people may have watched this film. For those who haven’t, let me lay out the storyline.

The hero goes into a coma right after college, and his friends come to know of it only after 5 years. The omnipresent doctor tells them “aedho oru vishayam evara romba baathichiruku”. So the diagnosis and prescription are for everyone to re-create the environment that the hero was in before he went into his coma. What happens next? Friends go around collecting batchmates and seniors and juniors, set up their college as it was 5 years back, bring down new constructions, bring up the old ones, bring back their old princi, and in short make their life as it was 5 yrs back.

Now zoom in to present TN.
It carries an uncanny resemblance to the film. DMK has been in a virtual coma for these past 5 yrs, what with midnight arrests and Vaiko’s POTA. They had to make do with harping about in Sun TV. And now they’re back. “Better and stronger” according to MK. How much only time will tell.

Tn is now being turned about 5 years backward. All rules and laws and bylaws that were introduced are now being taken off air. And all those that were taken off are now being reinstated. TASMAC is being brought down, and private dealers are being restored their powers. The Lottery industry is touted to come back in full swing. Government employees have been promised job security (now once again we have to be subject to their whims). The Uzhavar Sandhai is also supposed to make its way back.

Just like in the film where the old princi is brought back, MK comes back as CM of TN for yet another period. The first part of this innings will be spent in vendetta. A lot of skeletons will be dug up, and Sun TV will have quite a few field days.

Instead of working on how to make TN a better place, the thought process seems to be on claiming power and clinging onto it. The end result being neglecting development in order to satisfy communities and councils (be it liquor or lottery or government) to get their votes.

The film turned out to be a flop inspite of having Sonia Agarwal and music by YSR. Let’s see what the present government comes up with, that too with Stalin among its cabinet ranks.



  1. one day is too long in anything can happen.DMK is minority government so any time they will walk out of the alliance.Back 2 square one is not far off

    Comment by Narayanan — May 18, 2006 @ 7:33 PM | Reply

  2. @narainyathat’s what…it’s like turning the clock back 5 years

    Comment by santhosh — May 18, 2006 @ 7:47 PM | Reply

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