Days of our Lives!

May 19, 2006

More Duh!

Filed under: My Dayz,work(place) — Santhosh @ 8:47 PM

I’ve been rather jobless for the last 2 weeks or so, and surprisingly enough, let’s just say this ain’t exactly how I want my days to be. I suddenly don’t enjoy having so much time on hand with so little, if not nothing at all to do. Kinda rotting away plonking myself in front of the system, sounds like a good life I know. But it’s gotten a leetle boring already, given the amount work I’ve been used to. What with my fav blogs also not being updated as regularly as i wish and trouble with the cable tv operator.

Next week looks more promising with the ST for Aug release ready to roll off. Next week is also the last one for the May release. So that means the last week for UAT. Am actually half hoping i get some really rad MR or ticket. Finished off a couple of ORT tickets today. Let’s see!


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