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May 27, 2006

G’morn!, Yaaaaawnnn!!!!

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Well, people have been asking me for my dream woman. No way would i be able to describe that She, as that She varies in accord with my mood swings! So mebbe in a later post. In the meanwhile, what i envisioned as my glorious bachelor days…

The vision
Wake up around 6.30, stretch myself, and draw back the curtains to watch a glorious sun rise (i know the sun rises much earlier than that but still…)!

Open the door and collect the newspaper and thick, fresh milk. Switch on my PC and key in onto some pacy ARR or Ricky Martin. (how i manage to switch on my PC with the paper and the milk on either hand?, vittuka).

Boil the milk and a couple of eggs as i hum along with my system. Come back and sprawl on the bed and get started on the day’s Sudoku and Kakuro on BT. Sniff at the air as the aroma of freshly boiled milk wafts in. Go get the eggs and the milk, mix GRD or Milo (more humming here) and get back to the paper.

Read Dhoni’s latest exploits with a bite of a hard boiled egg (apt for Dhoni eh?) and then move on to the rest of the day’s news with a cup of steaming milk. Next onto the crossword.

Now some faster music (guess YSR shud do fine here) as i do some warm-ups. Change to tracks, keep my system on standby, and lock the door to go to the nearby gym.

Come back, more music (pretty loud now!) as i shower, hum along as i towel off and get dressed. Switch off the PC and office, here i come…

Duh! What i manage rite now…
Tried placing a vessel for the milk, but found it missing the next morning, reason – high winds and rain. And nobody told me to remember about power cuts. And about noise pollution. And about wrong calls on my mobile (been gettin calls askin for dedications on Radio Mirchi).

Around 8.30 the lady rings the bell (more like blares thro DINNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!) to jerk me up. I stumble cross eyed to the kitchen in search of a suitable vessel, find no clean ones (seriousa dunno how i manage to run thro them all), hurriedly wash one (actually run water thro), and come to the door to fight with the latch. After jamming my finger on it (Ouch!), i open the door to find the surly face glaring at me (i’d prefer someone younger, and a bit more structurally assembled while at it!). She whips out her measuring can and somehow manages to pour the milk onto it and onto my vessel at the same time before hurrying off. Rich creamy milk? Ha! The pH rating’s the same as water.

Then the newspaper. More like a thick wad of chewing gum (and make it chewed a year back). Totally wet and stuck together and on the doorstep of the next apartment. Have to go clear with the paperwalla as to who pays the bills…

I then turn back to get in, stumble on the threshold, spill some milk (sometimes drop the vessel too) and place it in the kitchen. Stumble my way back to bed, remember i have to close the vessel when i’m halfway, stumble back, do it, and PLOP, on the bed, back to sleep (if i can find it). The paper’s fallen off somewhere on the way, hopefully inside the house.

Wake up around 11, a migraine starting, cross with the sun for having shown its stupid face so soon. Over-boil (dunno if there’s such a word) the milk and undercook the eggs, mop up the kitchen somewhat, and if i feel up to it, go to the gym.

Come back, shower(no music now), and search for something that is not too dirty/too smelly. Or wear whatever catches my eye first (i actually wore the same jean for 2 week straight, using this method).

Well dont blame me. I cant help it. Mebbe if i manage to come home a bit sooner. Or mebbe if there was a sensor in place to detect anything unclean and whoosh down to take care of it… Guess there shud be quite a few souls out there who share the same feeling (of despair?)…

Anyways i do manage to do some of the above. I play some music every morning, do the sudoku and the crossword, take the eggs and the milk , read the paper… And of course lock the door and go to office, anywhere around noon and 3pm.


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  1. Machi, interesting post!! But I have never tried playing with milk and eggs in the morning.Good one da.

    Comment by Arun Ponniah S — May 28, 2006 @ 2:09 AM | Reply

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