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May 30, 2006

A bit of Nostalgia

Filed under: My Dayz — Santhosh @ 5:51 PM
A day out with friends
a cloudy evening with a hint of rain the next day
quite a bit of nostalgia.

A day and a half of seeing classmates after more than a year, backslapping friends, sending off parents and Vinodh at the junction at 11.00pm, Sivaram with his cleanshaven face, watching a very special friend get married, a visit to the college, watching Jami prance around and hear her lisp, sharing a lot of gyaan with all those juniors who look up to me, all those “adaaii’s” from shopkeepers as i walk past….

Amazing what a lot seems to happen in just a day and a half when I’m at my Madurai.

And today back to the f**kin routine of staring at coloured syntaxes on Editplus

The climate outside is awesome now. Cloudy with a strong breeze and a hint of rain. There’s someting with such evenings. An inner urge to be surrounded with laughter and banter and friends. But here i am feeling miserable, unable to do anything about it, 4 issues staring at my face, no one to talk with…


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