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May 31, 2006

Engu oru Mazhai Kaalam

Filed under: My Dayz — Santhosh @ 5:43 PM

Yet another glorious day.
A bit cloudy, cool breeze ruffling my hair as walked to office.
The weather report says the monsoon’s on now.
A throwback?
Wish i was doing either of the following two:

Playing cricket ot football in the Mahatma Ground, jumping across puddles of water, racing each other on our bicycles across our roads, eating some hot chaat in Golchcha or Sangam, sprawled all over each other on the grass in Sundaram park and watch the boat rides, walking down our roads freshly washed by the rain and covered in a symbiotic pattern by fallen leaves…

Sitting on the wall near the ground or the ditch, writing our record work with the printouts taking off all around us in the breeze, sitting down on one of the stone benches in our pump house and suddenly jumping up to realise it was wet, lazily whiling away the time on the base of the ‘aazha maram’, running in the rain from the main building entrance to get into JK’s car, writing our E&I exam in the afternoon as the wind howled and the rain poured and the power went off, the smell of our pump house right after a showerwith the yellow flowers and leaves strewn around…

The former took place some 6-7 years back, and the latter got over a year back with everyone special to me now at various points in the Indian road map. The same heavenly conditions outside but all i can do right now is curse at either the red and blue on Editplus or the black interface of my Unix server console.


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  1. is bangalore inundated with water when there is rains in the city,in this aspect bangalore is better than madurai.

    Comment by Narayanan — June 5, 2006 @ 12:12 PM | Reply

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