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June 1, 2006

The Million Dollar Homepage

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Visit the web page

You will be wondering what is so special in this web page. Well surprise, surprise, it is special because of its innovativeness and also the one who created this website got his million dollars from this one page. Now you will be wondering how…Now comes the interesting part.

Who is he? Well his name is Alex Tew from England. A normal person. but i should say, someone with huge enterprenaurial skills. He wanted to have some money to do his university. He asked himself what should be his idea to become a millionare. What are the attributes for his perfect idea: simple, cheap, catchy. From his ambition came his idea. Open a one page website, divie it into a million pixels (or dots) and sell the space as advertising. He created the web page, started selling the idea to his friends, media, it became crazy idea that clicked. He even has auctioned a few remaining pixels on ebay and earned his dream :$1 million.

An interesting idea to make a million.
So the lession: Be brave and hopefully you will come up with some shitty idea to make others curse you even more.
Good Luck.


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  1. machi…this is completely unrelated to the current blog..but the number above the that the number of hits on this page? if so how do u get it displayed? spare me some computer gyaan..raakesh

    Comment by gnothi seauton — June 2, 2006 @ 11:47 AM | Reply

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