Days of our Lives!

June 6, 2006

What makes you special? – My version!

Filed under: work(place) — Santhosh @ 10:30 PM

Well, nothing actually, because I didn’t bother to turn up for it. Me woke up at 12 on the D-day, TOI then, and finally office at around 3pm when everyone else had left to the Palace Grounds or St.John’s audi. Ah, the quiet!!

Why didn’t I bother? Well, what’s the point? The Sam Palmisano speech wud be available on our intranet, apart from being broadcast on all networks across mera India. Have been to some 10 speeches of Kalam’s, and well, get the drift? H.D.Kumaraswamy? People are still in raptures at the way he addressed Sam Palmisano – Samy Palanichamy! And anyway just about any two-bit paper is gonna carry his read-aloud speech word by single word. Bangalore is to him what TN is to MK – family property.

A dance by some buddy boy – have never heard of him, actually still not. Diya Mirza? Wud have thought about attending if it had been the other Mirza!

For this, wake up at an ungodly hour and be present at the grounds by 7.30 for all those security checks. Also no mobiles allowed. So no “Snake” games to keep me awake also!

Also have to be alone in such a big gathering for some 6 hours. And the Bangalore traffic!!

Got fed up with the incessant reminder-mails (countdowns in nanoseconds for the past week i think), and the 4 full pages of ads on TOI, and the hoardings…

Sigh, I know. Reading between the lines, I didn’t turn up for a day of dance and crowds, and instead went to office so that I could work in peace.


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