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June 22, 2006

Should Rahul be forgiven?

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Should Rahul be forgiven?

So went a poll on yesterday’s BT.
That quite a percentage would have voted Yes is beside the point. My issue here is why did this question pop up in the first place.

It is not a case like where he’s so poverty stricken that he was forced to down some cocaine to satiate his hunger pangs. And neither does he have to pull rickshaws for him to take a shot of Coke to provide some balm to his aching limbs.

Filthy rich, son of a political bigwig, cars and girls and drugs…
Seems a role cut-out for a bollywood villain. So then why is the real-life version being portrayed a martyr.

True, he was under difficult times. Father shot dead by his uncle, death of his father’s long-term right hand man, weight of political expectation on his shoulders…
But it’s during times like these that a person who’s strong where it matters comes up trumps. Resorting to the cloudy haze of a drugs intimated neo-world is the act of a coward. Not someone touted to be a future leader of India.

Add to this backdrop the needless drama of Apollo withholding test reports, of the Mahajans opting for Apollo instead of AIIMS which was nearer. A cursory look at the accused Sahil Zaroo, Rahul Malhotra, Karan Ahuja and Trishay Khanna sends the image of thugs with unshaven faces and ragged overcoats for a toss.

Rahul’s sister says her brother has never done drugs.

It’s not just Rahul. Some other ‘big’ names in the news for similar reasons are Fardeen Khan (who’s pleading he had just a gram on him) and Saif, to name a couple.
Wonder where is our Salman?

While common sense suggests that we should judge an individual’s reputation on the basis of his actions, the actions of celebs seem to be judged on the basis of their reputations.


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