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August 9, 2006

Book Review: Quidditch Through The Ages, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

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A couple of books that come up in the Harry Potter series…
Published by Comic Relief.
Got hold of the e-version.
Book Name: Quidditch Through The Ages
Author: Kennilworthy Wisp
Genre: Fictional Non-Fiction
Pages: 54 (24 in the e-version)
About: History and evolution of broomsticks and Quidditch, the various rule changes (ICC could have a field day here), spread of Quidditch, worldcups, racing brooms, ploys, tactics, moves, feints….
Did you know that there are 700 ways of committing a foul in Quidditch? Have you ever wondered how the Bludgers came into existence or why Wigtown Wanderers have pictures of meat cleavers on their robes? This copy of a volume in Hogwarts School Library contains everything you need to know.
Comment: Writing’s on the lines of Sheldon, with events unfolding chronologically. From the conception of the flying broom to the present day racing ones and tactics and ploys employed in Quidditch today.
Book Name: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
Author: Newt Scamandar
Genre: Fictional Non-Fiction
Pages: 65
Foreword by Albus Dumbledore.
About: gives light on stuff like “What is a beast?”, ” Why Magizoology matters?”, and “A brief history of muggle awareness of Fantastic Beasts”. The majority of the book is taken up by an encyclopaedic look-up of all magical creatures.
As Albus Dumbledore says in his introduction, this set textbook by Newt Scamander has given the perfect grounding to many a Hogwarts student. It will be helpful to all Muggles out there too.
Comment: A fun read. almost like a blog post. Book supposedly belongs to Harry himself. So we’ll find lotsa scribblings n comments n tic-tac-toe with Ron on the margins. Writing’s good, with humour and wit.

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