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August 10, 2006

I H-A-T-E Railings and Fresh Paint !!!

Filed under: Comedy-Keemedy,My Dayz,Top Draws — Santhosh @ 1:40 PM

Odd combination?
Landlady finally decides to give a fresh coat to the railing, without a thought to a hyperactive youngster snoring away.

Got out of my apartment freshly showered, humming ARR, tra-la-la, hair blowing in the wind a la Richard Gere, a cross-bag adorning my chest, down the stairs i went, a-one-a-two-a-three-a-four-a—EEEEEEYUCKKKK!!!!!! Had grabbed the railing at the landing to leap onto the next flight of stairs. The paint guy takes that opportune moment to come back from his break. What he thinks of me is what me thinks of Rooney after yet another of his red cards.

My left palm is now a bright cream. And the software pro that i am, i dont turn back to fix things immediately. Keep Smiling – My 12th maths sir Venki used to preach. And smile i do. Positive side of the coin being the railing now has a fresh coat, even if it can be used for dactylography. Have always found the subject fascinating.

Just as i near IBM, my people manager Damo calls me up on my mobile. He wants me pronto at his place to review some reimbursement bills. And since it pertains to financials, pronto it is to C block.

His seat is on the fifth floor. Feeling totally alive n kickin, i decide to take the stairs. (Trust me, it was not for the BPO gals on the 1st floor). To get a flying start i take a couple of quick steps, place my hand on the railing to pull me up and on my way – aaaaannddd, EEEEEEYUCKKKK again. This time my right palm is a deep black. And the paint guy sticks out his head from behind the landing. It’s a good thing i dont dig namma Kannada.

Cant take off my bag without the use of both hands, so cant take the proffered chair at Damo’s place, cant grab the keyboard from him as he experiments with a single finger, mutter some “will be back later” and take off to my place.

As i get off the lift at my 4th floor on A block, i notice a damsel on the opposite lift, the closing doors offering me just a teasing glimpse of her jeans and heels. Resisting the urge to run down the stairs, i trudge to my seat and flop down to switch on my sys – EEEEEEYUCKKKK all over again. Have tried the mouse, which now has a cream coat on its shiny black back.

Damn the damsel. Off to the wash room. Rub my palms together, and well, this really isn’t my day. Cream takes to black, and black sticks to cream. No soap, and my palms resemble a crossing as i type this post.


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