Days of our Lives!

August 31, 2006

Farewell to my dearest…

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She showed me light in many a darkest hour;
Reminded me of birthdays and anniversaries,
Of dates and mates.
And stayed awake to help me clear exams afar.

She’s been my bed-mate,
To demand of me and to be wooed!
The way i saw flashes of my loved ones in her eyes,
The first who loved a being so crude!

The cute little messages she used to give,
the cheer-ups and the congratulations;
And the naughty little ones!
The daily news and the consolations…

And the way her eyes used to light up
when she had something to tell me!
With her around, i never knew the time of day;
She was around, see!

The way she used to call out to me:
Music and tone, they say,
Reside in the heart, I dont know;
It is but my first foray!

How i remember the day i first set my eyes on the dove;
Overnight dew, fresh roses, an infant’s gurgle:
they say are the purest in love;
All but barely cause a ripple.

She’s now ill.
The doctor’s been through her.
Oh! how I wish, Oh! how I will!

Experts have been called in,
They say, Looking at her;
The knife and scalpel on her skin,
Cutting and probing her beauty so fair!

But none are able to help her.
She’s too weak, they say;
She’s barely conscious these days.
Oh, how ever am i to repay!

All i can do now is weep,
As she stands on the brink of eternal sleep!
Oh Heaven! Oh Thunder!
It is me that is being torn asunder!

The “she” maiden is my 3100.
My calculator, torch, reminder, alarm, clock, memo-keeper, travel companion, helper, time-keeper, boredom saviour, classroom saver, gaming padner, friends linker, …
About a year and half of usage and 1400 hours of talktime.
It carries a whole lot of memories. The messenger of great news and bad. Of exam answers, warnings, and reminders. Of fights and patch-ups. Of laughter and tears. Of tours and travels. Of jokes and riots. Of interviews and cheers. Of police stations and magistrates. Of the birth of life and the end!
It’s down now. The base circuit board has become too weak for the replacement network IC to be soldered back on properly, so that the network goes on and off as it wants to.
Time to move on.
Life goes on.
May you rest in peace in whatever place that smoked circuit boards go to!



  1. looks like there’s more here than meets the eye…sure you’re referring ONLY to the mobile?

    Comment by anandh — September 6, 2006 @ 9:42 PM | Reply

  2. @anandhof course, am NOT referring to just my mobile…what did u take me for huh?

    Comment by santhosh — September 7, 2006 @ 9:47 PM | Reply

  3. it sure will be a sad day machan…as you said, too many memories in there, for all of us…but aenda vennastil using that mobile only?getting paid at ibm or not?

    Comment by vijay — September 8, 2006 @ 10:44 PM | Reply

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