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September 4, 2006

Book Review: Made In America, My Story – Sam Walton

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Book Name: Made in America, My Story
Author: Sam Walton with John Huey
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 164 (cover to cover, including 7 pages of photos)

Growing up in the Depression – his inlaws the Robsons – paper routes – Ben Franklin franchise – llegal issues – Walton’s Five and Dime – copying ideas – stores, stores and more stores – flying – tennis – America’s richest man driving his own beatup pickup with his bird dogs – common sense – stealing talent – swimming upstream – retailing – the WalMart cheer – What KMart, Woolworth’s Woolco, Sears, Penney’s did right and what they did wrong – The WalMart culture – saturday morning associates and managers metings – Saturday Morning Massacre – taking the company public – enemy of small town America – distribution centers with 1.1 million sq.ft and 8 ½ miles of laser-guided conveyor belts – yellow legal pads and tape recorders – Customer is Number 1 – “We Sell for Less”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed” – Running a Successful Company: Ten Rules That Worked.

Written in an easy style (e.g. people referred as folks), it’s a first person account of how the world’s largest retailer chain came to be. The book has interesting anecdotes and snippets from people who’ve known him, thrown in at the proper places. It’s an account of an old world America, how things worked back then and the transition to the present state from the perspective of merchandise and retailing. The story of how hard work, common sense, and commitment can get you a long way. If The Google Story was the stuff of technology and breaking tradition, this is the tale of an old giant which was built the conventional way.

ps: If Sam were alive now and cashed his shares, he’d be twice as rich as Bill Gates.

My Rating: 4.5/5


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