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September 19, 2006

Love Thy Neighbour!

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Was reading Abhinav‘s post on Robin Sharma’s “Who will cry when you die?” where Robin asks the reader to make a little list of people one wants as neighbours. Robin says this will help one get clearer about the attributes he/she likes and hence be aware of the need to inculcate them within oneself.
Even if all this attributes and inculcation stuff sounds as interesting as, well, Robin’s books, the neighbours part looks like fun enough.
Well, here goes my list.

Joanne Keith Rowling
Hi Joanne. Howdy. Just dropped by. So how’s li’l Jessica today? Doo deeee… Come Jessica, let’s go play outside and i’ll give you a push on the swing. And once outside, “Now listen, you little monster. If you dont tell me what happens next after Harry touches the 6th horcrux, i’m going to tie you by your shoe laces to the swing and push you off”

The Rock
This guy is primarily for security. It sure would also be fun to have him as a gymming partner as well. And I may just get to be friendly with The Rock, with pleasing advantages. Boss shouts at me. The Rock beats boss. Autowalla charges me “1-1/2 meter saab”. The Rock beats autowalla. Wife shouts at me. Well, that’s normal. The Rock says “If ya smell what The Rock is cookin'” and runs off into the kitchen.

Would just love to watch him bat. Period.

Director Perarasu
Me and The Rock go into his place and hang him upside down from the fan. And he stays that way. I watch his films, and go hit him with a baseball bat. I’m frustrated at work, I go punch his nose for an hour. Mother-in-law annoys me, I go beat him up. He releases a film, I collect 10 bucks from every guy who wants to hit him.
PS: He may also at times have company from T.Rajendar or George Bush.

Any one of the innumerable swamiji’s we have going around.
Now this guy is important. I make fifty thousand bucks in stocks and I go to posh hotel and land up in a sauna bath and I feel fine. I lose fifty thousand bucks in stocks and I go to swamiji’s house and he says ‘money is an illusion’ and I feel fine. And an added advantage is of all those beautiful foreigners going around in orange.

Ilaiyaraja – Isai endra Ilaiyaraja
I mute the TV and get the audio live from next door. I’m preparing for CAT, and in comes “singam ondru purappattadhey…” through the window. I’m feeling miserable after a tiff with my girlfriend, out come soothing tones from his harmonica. And with some help from The Rock, I may even persuade him to accompany me on my morning jogs with a mouth-organ or flute.
PS: Would love to have ARR, but with the speed with which he composes, he’d start on “Enakku oru girlfriend vaenumadaa…” and finish it by the time my 6th child was born.

Konaar Mess chef
I’ll get to eat awesome briyani and parathas every day for the rest of my life. And it would make a hell of an atmosphere for me, The Rock, Sachin, and Swamiji to devour kothu parathas on Rowling’s backyard. Wonder if Bush would need extra gravy.

This girl used to be my next-door neighbour with whom I used to draw and sing and play until we were both 6 yrs old when she shifted to a few streets away. Well, I lost interest when I turned 7 and did not even respond back to the cute little birthday card she sent me. She then grew up I guess, and well, the latest from her mom to mine is that little Neena was a Miss.Chennai finalist 2 yrs back. This time around I want to make sure I draw and sing and play with little Neena well into our 90’s.

So what’s your list?



  1. so the ‘phunny’ li’l fella’s back after a couple of releatively serious postsgood mix mategood post this too!keep rockin’

    Comment by p — September 20, 2006 @ 2:05 AM | Reply

  2. Nice site I too have a ceiling fan site at ceiling fan ciao

    Comment by bobbyg67 — September 20, 2006 @ 2:40 AM | Reply

  3. santhosh, dekh tere ‘fan site’ ka yeh spammers ‘ceiling fan site’ bana rahe hain!!Enable word verification, yaar!

    Comment by jee — September 20, 2006 @ 5:41 PM | Reply

  4. but what’s the use of having such neighbours if you’re gonna stay in office only anyway???

    Comment by vijay — September 20, 2006 @ 9:47 PM | Reply

  5. @pthanks dude

    Comment by santhosh — September 21, 2006 @ 6:10 AM | Reply

  6. @jeepeople who use proxy servers cant comment if i turn on word verification…and, btw, wat’s this fan stuff?have not blushed so much in a loooooong while;)

    Comment by santhosh — September 21, 2006 @ 6:11 AM | Reply

  7. @vijaypoint taken:)

    Comment by santhosh — September 21, 2006 @ 6:12 AM | Reply

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    Comment by bkm — September 23, 2006 @ 12:20 AM | Reply

  9. hmmmmlooks like a snapshot of your life darowling- ur reading and booksrock—- ur karatesachin– ur cricketswami— ur atheismilaiyaraja- ur love of music (and the gals who used to sing them at school)konaar– ur love, rather obsession with food (everyone, this is a guy who can eat 30 parathas or 2 full plate biriyanis)neena— gals, for and from…and not a whisper of academics in the post :)rock on da

    Comment by bkm — September 23, 2006 @ 12:20 AM | Reply

  10. rofl literallythis is soooo gooodmy list:: schumi, carmen electra, ileana, sachin

    Comment by pras — July 28, 2007 @ 4:15 PM | Reply

  11. super machi… im tracking back to make my own list…:)too good… santHosh at his besHt!!!!

    Comment by Mark IV — August 5, 2007 @ 1:24 PM | Reply

  12. @pras:)

    Comment by santhosh — August 7, 2007 @ 2:37 PM | Reply

  13. @markiv,be my guest 😉

    Comment by santhosh — August 7, 2007 @ 2:37 PM | Reply

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