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November 6, 2006

Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

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Book Name: Fight Club
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Genre: Fiction
Storyline and plot spoiler:
A nameless narrator.
Tyler Durden
Marla Singer
The novel is about a nameless insomniac narrator who goes to support groups so that the emotional strains of such meetings may help him sleep at night. In a support group for testicular cancer, he befriends Robert “Bob” Paulson, a former bodybuilder. All is well until he meets Marla Singer, a woman who also attends support groups for alternative reasons. Marla keeps staring at him, making him realize that she knows he doesn’t belong to these groups and he begins to hate Marla for keeping him from crying, and therefore from sleeping. After a short confrontation, they begin going to separate support groups in order to avoid meeting again.
One day, his condo is destroyed by an explosion, and he goes for help to Tyler Durden, someone he’s met sometime back and who is a “beach artist who works low-paying jobs at night in order to perform deviant behavior on the job.”(from Wiki). In exchange for putting him up at his house, Tyler asks for something in return, in a now-famous line: “I want you to hit me as hard as you can.” And thus the narrator becomes a part of a new form of support group – the “fight club”. The group meet every weekend in a sparring match, presided by 8 rules:
1. You do not talk about fight club.
2. You do not talk about fight club.
3. If someone says stop, goes limp, even if he’s just faking it, the fight is over.
4. Only two guys to a fight.
5. One fight at a time.
6. They fight without shirts or shoes.
7. The fights go on as long as they have to.
8. If this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight.
Meanwhile, Marla attempts suicide, from which Tyler saves her and the two get into an affair. Now the narrator is barely able to digest that he has to now live with Marla in the same house. Meanwhile, the fight club gains popularity (“because someone has talked about it”), Tyler uses it to spread anti-consumerist ideals and the group starts on arson and sabotage. An inner group, called the “space monkeys” is formed by Tyler, and they start on “Project Mayhem”. The narrator disagrees with “Project Mayhem” when Bob dies in it and opts out, though the project is on.
It is at this point that the narrator realizes that HE is Tyler. Another personality within him formed due to the frustration the narrator had at consumerist corporate America. The bouts of insomnia that the narrator suffered were in fact Tyler surfacing. “Project Mayhem” is a plan to bomb the Parker-Morris skyscraper, and with it, the national museum next to it. During the explosion, Tyler plans to die as a martyr for Project Mayhem, taking the narrator’s life as well. Realizing this, the narrator sets out to stop Tyler by telling everything to Marla (who always knew the narrator as Tyler). The end is taken with the narrator confronting Tyler on the roof of the Parker-Morris building. The narrator, held at gunpoint by Tyler, is forced to watch the destruction of the museum by Project Mayhem. Now Marla comes to the roof to save him and Tyler vanishes, because “Tyler was his hallucination, not hers.”
The expected explosion also does not happen as Tyler had mixed paraffin with the explosives which “never, ever works.” The narrator now makes a conscious decision of his own – to end his life, and shoots himself. He wakes up in an asylum where members of Project Mayhem tell the narrator that they are waiting for their Tyler to come back.


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  2. @rakeshaen da?aen epdi?podhu sabaila….edhunalum msngr la pesikalam

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