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November 26, 2006

Suggestions/requests to Andhra messes

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Had a friend of mine write these down in Telugu and handed copies yesterday to the three Andhra messes I frequent.
  • Pack some jeera in parcel orders. They cost nothing and would make a meal complete. If you want even more differentiation, throw in a couple of bananas for family meals.
  • Along with the pickles and dal powder, keep some potato chips also on the table. Once again, they cost nothing but believe me, there are guys who’ll eat food just because of these.
  • Whenever someone’s asking about something, please don’t let talk about checking with your manager. Apart from reminding us of ours’, it makes us wonder what you are doing there if you have no idea on what can and cannot be done.
  • Please please please tell the actual time it’ll take for the food to arrive. We’re ok if we’re told it’ll take 15 mins. But after four sets of “2 mins Sir”,w’re not going to be tipping you.
  • Clean the tables with clean hands.
  • Clean the tables fast, not after the next customer/patron has been seated.
  • For God’s sake, have those taps at the wash basin in working order. How much is it going to cost you guys to repair them anyway?
  • Keep the water jugs filled. It’s a cardinal sin to keep someone waiting for water, especially when eating.
  • Why don’t you guys come up with Unlimited Briyanis along the lines of unlimited meals? Standardisation and all that is fine, but some have larger appetites (especially for briyani) and there’s nothing else practical enough to order once you tell us an extra ‘half-plate’ is not orderable.
  • We understand rush hours and peak timings. But please don’t have people crowding behind chairs, jostling and nudging to grab the chair once the uncumbent luncher is done.
  • Smile.

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