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November 27, 2006

Book Review: Hawke – Ted Bell

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Book Name: Hawke
Author: Ted Bell
Genre: Fiction – Action
Storyline and plot spoiler:
Lord Alexander Hawke, Victoria Sweet, Manso(Araña, the spider), Juanito, Carlos, Ambrose Congreve, Stokely Jones, Fidel Castro, Consuelo de los Reyes.

Hawke is a descendant of the famous English pirate Blackhawke, owns the finest of the world’s goods, makes love to the most beautiful women and also does covert operations for the governments of Britain and USA. He gets a mission to find info about the sale of a highly advanced nuclear submarine being sold by the Russians. The mission takes him to the Caribbean islands where Hawke hears his soul calling out. It was in these same islands that 7 year old Hawke watched from hiding as his famous father and movie star mother were brutally executed by three modern-day pirates aboard their cruiser. Hawke has no memory of what happened, except in his subconscious.
In the present, a cabal of Cubans, headed by three brothers, have deposed of Castro, bought the submarine, and have managed to smuggle a bio-bomb into an US naval base. Their ultimatum is simple – USA must bow or watch helplessly as 40 nuclear missiles are unleashed. In the meantime, they are also holding Hawke’s fiancee, Victoria, hostage. Hawke assembles an arsenal of cool weapons and exotic machinery, calls in a squad of deadly ex-SEAL anti-terrorist pals and saves the world. Along the way he also learns that the three brothers are his parents’ murderers and exorcises his ghosts.
Will never win critical acclaim. A read when you’re totally bored. Should appeal to those who like Tom Clancy, Stephen Coontz, or Robert Ludlum. A little sophisticated weaponry and a little political intrigue, with a whiff of British aristocracy thrown in. Something like the Scarlet Pimpernel, but not quite. His parrot, Sniper, perched on his shoulder completes the picture.

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