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November 30, 2006

I Am The Reason!

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Ten days back, I decided enough is enough. I wanted out. From the lifestyle (shud be workstyle) I was leading. Taking a few pointers from my previous post, I decided to work on getting a bit of my life back.

I got up in the a.m, was in office in the a.m, in fact even left office in the p.m of the same day, and went to bed latest by the early hours of a.m. And yes, it did feel good. In fact it felt so good that my body got so excited by all these that the body temperature shot up to a 100 degrees Fahrenheit (Tf = (9/5)*Tc+32) after 3 days. Not to be outdone, my head, ever the competitive guy, got into the act and started working overtime on the migraine. Maybe my body’ll take time to adjust to such waking hours and timely food. And maybe in such cases the fever comes first, and then the cold catches on. Any docs out there?

I’ve had some time off too. Let’s see. First there were these couple of days when the weblogic server we use to deploy our code in the client system (via VPN) was down. There were also these 2 days when the US team had off for Thanksgiving. And then there was this day when the floor looked habitable as all the Testers had gone for some outing.

Then we had this All Hands Meet (AHM) for the entire AMS account (the Services division of IBM) where hordes of fellow IBMers trooped in the thousands to Palace Grounds for the coffee and samosa. I gave it a miss and had them at home. The slogan for this year’s AHM is “I am the reason”. Don’t ask me for what am I the reason for. IBM believes in giving slogans as cryptic as it’s On Demand ads on TV. Last year’s was “I have my hand on it”. Comments welcomed on what you feel was being implied. I can think of quite a few, none of which would ever make it into the world of advertising. Or, maybe, they will!

For this AHM, there were also a few ‘creative and imaginative’ events/games organized by people bored without work for people bored with work. Sadly, since i fall into neither, I wasn’t a part of them. The list of highly imaginative events went like : Red Day (all were asked to come dressed in Red), Denim Day (asked to come in denims and the winners were 3 guys who had wandered into office wearing the IBM denim shirt we got 3 months back), Ethnic Wear Day (if you cant make out what this Day means, better leave the page), Best decorated cubicle (for which girls drew unrecognizable things on charts, and guys tore up the calendars and stuck them back together all over their places. My cubicle was so clean my mom would have stood up and cheered). Incidentally I wore black on Red Day, military green on Denim Day, went to office at 7pm on Ethnic Day, and kept my cubicle spotless on Best Decorated Cubicle day.

Coming back, there was also this picnic thing organized for my Tower in my application. The Testing team were afraid we would murder them in some secluded place and decided to go separately. The development team, of some 140-150 ppl of 6-7 teams, decided on a day-long picnic at a resort on 27/11. The plan was to start by 7.30am from office and reach Silver Oak Hermitage Pvt Ltd in about an hour and half (believe me, just 1.5 hours of travel means you’ve made good time for 35 kms in Bangalore). The activities/facilities listed were even more appetizing – carrom, chess, TT (bring own balls), shuttle, skating, tennis (bring own racquets and balls), jogging track, swimming (bring own water?), volley ball, and fountains. Not sure what is the funda behind taking everybody there under the word Celebrations and wanting to treat everybody like school children on a field trip. Even after watching an inspired performance by India who managed to hit more than 150, I did wake up at 6am. The only thing that interested me in the picnic was the skating (I skated everyday for 8 years when I was in school). Mulling over things, I decided on tossing a coin : heads – I dont go, and tails – I go back to sleep. It turned up tails and I was so happy I couldn’t fall asleep again immediately.

There was then this AHM for my project account (AT&T’s the client). There are more than 2000 people here in this, and we were all invited to Christ College auditorium on 29/11. Well, bunked this too.

Used the time to catch up on some reading. Also managed some spring cleaning, so that my place now bears some traces that homo sapiens have been in. I also found that I’ve been sleeping on the floor on the newspapers and that I’ve been using my bed to break eggs and charge the laptop.

And yes. I have been managing to spend some time at the place for which I’m paying the rent. In fact, while naming a folder for some recent photos, I used ‘Home’ rather than ‘House’.

And yeah. I’ve just got a couple of awards for the past two releases, and the certificate even says something like “Outstanding Individual Contribution”. Maybe these are famous last words along the lines of “See Mom, No hands” or “There’s enough petrol”. Or maybe, just maybe, I am also the reason.


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