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January 25, 2007

Pop a Dozen!

Filed under: My Dayz — Santhosh @ 10:33 PM

Now what do I do?
Sometimes the toughest decisions are always about the simple things that life throws at us.
Like which pill among these 4 to take first.

For someone who hardly fell sick apart from the usual cold, being ordered to the bed for two weeks by a rather severe looking doctor wearing spectacles (and having a child in 12th) and a mother who thinks of Florence Nightingale every 4 hours, is the absolute pits. Not to forget these tablets rolling around in my palm.

In spite of all my sinew and rugged looks and 6 foot frame and genuine tough guy attitude, I’ve been woefully out of depth when it comes to swallowing these tiny coloured pills. I have never been able to master this art (lack of much practice is a reason though) and have stared in wide-eyed, slack-jawed wonderment at people who keep popping these by the dozen at a go.
I seem to need a glass of water for every pill I try to swallow. No matter what I try or how I go about it, my gustatory perception has always come to the fore, making sure I get a taste of the pill. And even if you’re a veteran, the taste of any pill is bound to make you go for an extra gulp of water, followed by either spitting the thing out or giving an almighty shudder, as if the shaking of the torso will make it go in.

As said, I have 4 here. One is an ordinary white circular one. Then there is an yellow tablet – flat but cylindrical in shape, with an indented cut down the middle. Then there is this maroon capsule. And finally there is this cute capsule with cream on one half and maroon on the other. This last one should be pretty photogenic. (I also have another cute capsule which is fully cream in colour, that I need to take only after lunch).

So, back to the problem in hand. Which one is blessed enough to go first? I could take the cute one first, but then it would be sacrilegious to destroy something so beautifully crafted, so early. I could take the yellow guy, but since it’s not a capsule, and since it’s also pretty longish, I don’t want to risk my taste buds straight away. The maroon guy could go first, were it not for the fact that it is absolutely humongous in size. The very look gives me the shudders. The simple white guy looks inviting, but then wouldn’t it be cowardly on my part to finish the easiest guy first?
I could break the yellow guy into two, but I tried it yesterday and found the broken edges were sharp enough to lacerate my throat and then all the other organs (**other organs – biology has never been one of my stronger subjects) that it may come in contact with. I believe mummy deserves a special peace award for restraining herself when I asked her to smoothen out the rough edges. The request looked very reasonable to me though.

So here I am, playing around with the pills, juggling them, trying out carrom, poking them in turn, and hoping against hope that mummy doesn’t finish her phone call anytime early.


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