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February 10, 2007

Kick It

Filed under: Sports — Santhosh @ 12:41 AM

Strange how the world moves on, without you ever noticing it.

It all started with the news of Beckham (he used to play football for England) moving to America, to appear for Los Angeles Galaxy. For a 5 year contract of 250 million dollars. That’s 50 million dollars every year. Which is almost 4.2 million dollars per month. Which in turn is 138,000 dollars on average PER DAY. And I thought the Beckham brand name’s now as much in demand as Mallika Sherawat in a burka.

Anyways, it got me thinking. On how much has gone on over the past year and half in the EPL, the Champions League, the La Liga, the national teams in general, and of “our WAGs” (dont mistake me, I mean it in the sense of “our Sachin” and “my Mallika”). I mean, I still remember that football involves a ball, two nets, and guys running for miles so they can get feverishly high scores of 1-0 or 0-1. I also still know that the Americans want to call it soccer and that the world unites in stadiums and pubs and before TV sets across the globe to cheer for countries like Brazil, Germany, South Korea, or, yes, the United States. I can also vaguely recall that matches can take place in rain and hail but not if the scoreboard is down, and that players can wear kilos of metal in braids, dreadlocks and facial pins but cant wear bracelets.

But, yes. I’ve lost touch with the soccer world. With not much TV, it’s pretty tough to keep following all those clubs on the net. A far cry from the days of sequent matches on TV in the middle of the night. With the emphasis for me this year on turning the clock back to doing things I used to love to, following the kick offs is gonna be right up there.

And as for Beckham, yea. He’s now expecting us to even believe the move is for his altruistic concern over “developing and nurturing soccer talent in America”. We just need to take out the fact that Los Angeles happens to also house Hollywood, that his wife is a former Spice Girl, that TomKat are amongst their closest friends, and that one of Los Angeles’ premier talent agencies negotiated his new contract with Galaxy. Bend it maan!


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