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February 12, 2007

Will the Pistol take the King?

Filed under: Sports — Santhosh @ 7:50 PM

Yet another January. Yet another Aussie Open for Federer, to take his tally up to 10. Already enroute to all the records existent – highest no. of slams, highest no. of titles, highest no. of weeks as No.1, highest to what not – he’s being touted as the best ever.
But, is he?
Personally I like Federer and it’s a treat watching him. But to say he’s the best ever, just because he’s in an era where there’s nobody else good enough…..
Let’s not even get into Lendl, Laver, Borg, McEnroe and co.
Would Federer even have lasted 3 sets against a rampaging Ivanisevic on a Wimbledon final day?
Would he have dismantled Agassi’s baseline game in the US Opens?
We’ll never know. But we’ll be getting a pointer soon.
Pete Sampras has announced that “he’d love to play a game against Federer”.
The former undisputed king of grass is fresh from a 5-3, 5-3 whipping lesson of Andy Roddick (who by the way is one of the No.2’s in the world right now)!
How I remember the night in 2001 when they met for the only time. I was hoping, praying, cursing, willing that Sampras should win the tournament that he owned one last time. A very young Federer was far from the player he is today, but by then Sampras was also pretty much playing from memory. It could be payback time now.
Watch out for more.


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