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February 12, 2007

Zero Hero

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Finally made it into the offices of TIME. A visit to join the CAT course ended up in the desk executive informing me there was a batch starting that very day and if I’d like to join. I was like, “Sure, why not”. So here I was walking into the Jain College on CMH road, lugging my “some basic study material”, with the just paid payment slip burning a hole into my pockets.

The college watchman-gardener (maybe principal too, who knows) I asked for directions took one look at me turned back to his watering. Hope he’s not in the PI board. TIME has got to be on the board of directors for this college. An entire floor of the only building was taken up, each class crammed to the seams with fellow dreamers. The wonderful news greeting me was that due to “an unforeseen accident to one of TIME’s esteemed trainers”, today’s class would be clubbed together with 2 other batches. Wonder how many more trainers are gonna meet their ends before the year is through.

I entered the classroom and I was like “Heck! Where am I?”. Every single place was occupied by people in their saturday best. Evening gowns, mascara, designer jeans (edhula low cut vaera) and kurtas in a CAT class? Atleast nobody did a Munnabhai type “Gooood Mooorningggg Sir!” as I entered in my faded tee and old jeans. The class looked to be made up more of college goers. Whoever thinks girls aren’t good at this stuff has to take a look in here. TIME sure wont complain, what with all the guys who escort the ladies. There were even a couple of girls from my floor at office who ran out screaming “The Legend is a Myth! HE doesn’t live in office always! The Legend is false!”.

The trainer for the day looked like any other CAT instructor – someone in his 4th attempt at CAT. The topic for the day was Data Sufficiency. We were each given a sheet of Data Sufficiency problems, 4-5 in each of the 4 common types, and asked to solve them for the discussion to follow.

Some of the questions were pretty simple – atleast I thought so :
x2 -2x = 0
I was like, what dumb ques is this. Only for the instructor to introduce my nemesis of the day – 0. Shit! Why should I have thought of that?

There was more to follow :
What is the value of the integer X if the square of X is equal to the cube of X?
My sardonic “what else but a 1” now got a Aussie thumping when I realised the answer could also be a 0.

Anyways, I managed around 25 correct answers out of 32 attended. Not bad for someone who last did math without a scientific calci 5 yrs back. So now that the smirk is firmly back in place, maybe I’ll bunk tomorrow.


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