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March 8, 2007

Where is Mello?

Filed under: Sports — Santhosh @ 9:31 PM

For this World Cup, we’ve gone through every single article posted on Cricinfo the moment the writer clicked on the Submit button. And have re-read it once again the next morning when TOI ctrl+C-ctrl+V’s the same on the next day’s edition. We’ve come to know that Rahul Bose is not going to the Windies (unfortunately Mandira is), stadiums are being sponsored by China and Taiwan, temporary lighting has been arranged for the opening ceremony at the Trelawny stadium, Jamaica…. But does anyone even know that we have a mascot, never mind that the mascot is an orange mongoose named Mello?

Now, let’s start at the beginning.
Why do we have mascots for multi-national sports events?

Is it to showcase that particular game?
If so, why would the game’s administrators opt for such puerility. Mind you, the goofishness would suit our ICC well. But if this was the reason, wouldn’t the Olympics have to have some 100 mascots, one for each sport, instead of the three we had last time around.

Is it to show the world a view of the country where the games are taking place?
But if so, why would they again have to go for a clown in place of their national heroes and cultural rituals. Or is it that the countrymen take this as an opportunity to spoof their current prez or minister?

Is it for advertising or popularity?
If so, why then do we have bikini clad glossy females strutting around with a cricket bat getting prime time on TV rather than our mascot? Wouldn’t having a Big Brother show with just Geoffrey Boycott and Mandira Bedi locked up under camera be an even better idea.

Is it to attract kids to the game?
If so, why do we have mascots only once every 4 years? That too when there’s absolutely no possibility of the mascot doing a santa with them.

Is it for the glam-quotient?
Even if some paranoid marketing guy thinks that having 4 foot guys with crazy names and wearing brown fur with purple masks will add to the glamour and glitz of the event, would it be better than having Malcolm Speed or Percy Sonn pirouette in their undies?


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