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March 31, 2007

Orkut obliges.

Filed under: My Cup of Socie-Tea — Santhosh @ 10:49 PM

“Google’s Orkut has made a deal to provide IP addresses of posters of content deemed objectionable by Bombay police. They object, among others, to posts against certain Indian personalities, young women admiring Indian mobsters, and, “anti-Indian words” (!).”

This is the goddamn free net. Any freaking somebody can put in any freaking thing he wants to. That is what we mean by freedom of thought and speech. I’m fine with objecting to images of our Tricolor being burnt, but not with taking notice of communities (the virtual kind) that have titles of hatred. Coz that’s what we have the section in there for – to showcase our likes and dislikes. Maybe if discussions were being held in these communities on how to disrupt peace and start riots and bomb the Taj, well, my vote is to go get ’em (tho you’d need to be stupid to the extreme if you really discussed on the net whatever you wanted to carry out).

Wonder when our government is going to start tracking down people (irrespective of nationalities) who may be members of some community, like, say, “I Love Pakistan” or “I support Pak cricket”? Maybe in the not so far future, some student who’s missed out on an exam and exclaims “I just hate the education system”, will be whisked away for questioning. If the US of A started on this, half the world population would have to be tracked down for thinking “Bush is an ******” (Readers’ choice of expletive!).

Personally I’d be wary of the “I Love so and so” ones. Recently the trend has been to kidnap whom you idolize. Wouldn’t want any of our smitten fellow fans to kidnap off Himesh, would we?


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