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April 18, 2007

Sehwag – Loose Cannon to Loosu Kaenayan

Filed under: Comedy-Keemedy,Sports — Santhosh @ 1:41 AM

Then, when he used to come down the pitch to Akhtar and co., batting was so simple :
When short, slash; when pitched on good length, slap; when over-pitched, drive; when flighted, loft; when full, drill; when short and wide, carve; when tossed up, hit for six; when fast, biff; when slow, bash.

Now, as the bowler is at the start of his run-up, Sehwag has to remember to remember, among other things, :
Don’t get out, keep head still, make the back-lift shorter, move the front foot to the pitch of the ball, don’t get out, watch the ball from the bowler’s hand, call home to see if house still standing, try to run out Uthappa, don’t get out, remember the pitch report, ask Nike for size(waist) XXXL shirt, bring down bat close to front pad, meditate, buy Dravid a drink, don’t get out, draw deep breaths, play the ball close to body, what was that ayurvedic oil for hair-loss, hold the bat handle-up, don’t get out….


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