Days of our Lives!

April 24, 2007


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Firstly, any post under this HE-SHE series does not mean that I am the HE.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way,
The HE is not me; not you; not anyone you know in person.
The SHE is not your girlfriend; not your teammate; not anyone you know or think you know.

But then. HE is you, HE is me, HE is that teen in the leather jacket, HE is the neighbour’s father, HE is that laconic classmate, HE is the friendly watchman.

The HE-SHE series is inspired, if you could call it that, by a similar one from one of the blogs I read. This series is purely, utterly, solemnly, absolutely fictional. So please don’t run away the next time you see me with your girlfriend (I mean, when you see me when you are with your girlfriend).
I have enough friends who think they have girlfriends who in turn may or may not have them or others as boyfriends. I have seen enough of the world of people and also of the world of people when they are with members of the opposite sex. This HE-SHE series will be a set of stray observations that I might have noted or will make up otherwise.

Satire, Parody, Impersonation, Charade, Observation – Yes, it is all of these and more.
But most definitely, NOT me!


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