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April 24, 2007

Yeh hi hai right choice baby! Aha!

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Read this first.

He and She in a women’s clothing showroom.

SHE: How do I look in this yellow colour top?
HE: Wow dear. You look great in this. It goes well with your gold studs and pendant.
SHE: What about this dark green one?
HE: This is also nice. I mean, this also suits you.
SHE: Which of these shall I choose?
HE: Both suit you just great. Choose either of them.
SHE: How can you tell so? How can both be same?
HE: Err. No. I mean. Both look good.
SHE: So it’s the clothes that look good…
HE: Hey, no. I mean. YOU look good in both.
SHE: Then the dresses are not good? My selection is bad…?
HE: Uh! See, you look wonderful in this wonderful dress!
SHE: You know, these days you don’t like me as much as you used to.
HE: Sweetie! You know that isn’t true.
SHE: Hmmm…
HE: Take the green one.
SHE: Why? Then what about the yellow one? Don’t I look good in that?
HE: You look wonderful in that also. Infact you look wonderful in anything you wear.
SHE: Mmmm. Then why are you asking me to choose this one?
HE: You only asked me right? To choose one.
SHE: Why is your taste so awful?
HE: (Smiles! What else can he do in front of the counter girl)
SHE: Ok. I will take both!
HE heaves a sigh of relief!

They now go next door to a men’s apparel store.

HE: I like this shirt. Blue one with checks
SHE: Well, it’s O-o-o-k. But hmmmm…
HE: (With a frisson of alarm raising in him) But what?
SHE: Why don’t we look around for something else? You already have lots of blue shirts.
HE: But I like this one.
SHE: Come on da. I know in what shirt you will look good.
HE: Uh-oh (pochu da!)
SHE(one eyebrow raised):What?
HE(a nervous smile): You know, I’m very lucky to have you-
SHE: Hmmm hmmmm… Anita’s husband wore a shirt when he dropped her at office last week. A greyish color one.
HE(now positively panicky): Uh-
SHE: Show me some shirts in grey.
(Shopkeeper pulling out “grey” shirts by the dozen)
SHE: No. Not this shade of grey. It has an ash colour tinge to it. In the day time, if you look at it from a distance, it will have a shining lustre about it.
(HE and shopkeeper exchange glances and smile)
SHE: Pch. There isn’t much variety here. Come, let’s try some other place.
HE: Sigh! (Looks longingly at the blue shirt)



  1. if the HE in this post is u, then I am shocked… and I wanna know how did this happen?

    Comment by justme — April 25, 2007 @ 5:36 PM | Reply

  2. She:happened to see ur he she post…he:mmm…epdi da irukku?She:so andha he ne dhan apdi solla unnaku guts illai?he:hey really da…chumma dhan eludharaen..She:nan unkitta yellow colour tops katti epdi irukku kaetkalai..neeum enkitta grey shirt kamikalai apdi dhana?he:(sighs)no da….ya ya..but nan adha vachu he-she eludhalai ma…She:ennavo po….He:(as usual) panna try panran….She:poda….first tell everyone that HE is YOU….Hello,indha He-She epdi irukku?

    Comment by Anonymous — April 27, 2007 @ 7:48 AM | Reply

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