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May 21, 2007

A few notes from class!

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First things first. I finally made it to CAT class today which of course is a first in more ways than one, though I should also let know that Reliance Webworld is just a few blocks away from where TIME holds the classes and I had to pay my broadNet bill today (else Ambani cuts your connection off on the 21st).

Anyways, there is this guy Thomas who takes English Grammar. Love the guy! He’s pretty good, but that’s not what makes him such a dear. It’s his accent. Boy! Every single syllable is stressed in a tone that borders between assertive and sardonic. You ask him a question, you get it straight back as a statement.
Me : “Sir, but – we’ve used it in so-and-so place, haven’t we?”
He : “Yeesss! We haavve uused it in so-and-so plaaace!”
Me : “Yes Sir. But then why aren’t we using it here?”
He : “Yeesss! We are not uusing it heerre!”
Me : “Yeesss! Why aren’t we uussing it heerre!”
He : @#^%#&#
I just love the guy and by the time I’m through with him he’s gonna love to hate me!

In general, there are 2 things I hate about classes in general –
1) Dumb girls.
2) Dumber girls.
The latter will have her Indices and Surds book open when the instructor is talking about para-jumbles. She’d even nod her head every two minutes. It’s the former that irks me. She decides, without any prior intimation, that she’s real MBA material and takes an ‘active participation’ in the class.
Thomas says material nouns are, well, nouns for materials.
A high-pitched voice!
“Sir! Gold also?”
“Silver also?”
“Paper also?”
“Jeans also?”
And if it happens to be math, woe betide any guy who happens to accompany her.


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