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June 4, 2007

Arjun Singh Saar

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Respected Saar,

Subj : Inclusion of name into Scheduled Tribes list, reg.

Saar, this is to bring you to notice that me too am belongs to Scheduled Tribe.
The list promulgated on Sep.6, 1950, and known as the Constitution (ST) Order 1950, has the criteria fixed for inclusion of a community in the list of STs as:

  1. Indications of primitive traits,
  2. Distinctive culture,
  3. Geographical isolation,
  4. Shyness of contact with the community at large, and
  5. Backwardness.

I am giving below the explanations of how/why I fit each of the above criteria :

  1. Bathe everyday, hair cut at local barber’s, walk a lot, read books, no cologne.
  2. Our culture includes songs like “Jalabula Jalabula Gumtha Lakka”, dance forms like lungi on table-top, and language like #&$%#*%!$^@
  3. Daily, teacher sends me out of class. Girls turn other way when they see me. Friends’ parents shut door on face.
  4. Me too orae shy Saar. I didn’t not have more than 60% attendance in college, zero participation in symposiums, didn’t not go to labs, and bunked internal tests.
  5. Backbencher all my life Saar.

Saar, I have also enclosed the following documents :

  1. Receipt for Rs.20 from Mister.Raja, proprietor of Royal Saloon (all types of facials, bleaching and cutting done; pp:2587845).
  2. Video of “Jalabula Jalabula Gumtha Lakka” rendition on final day.
  3. Back Bench Boys certificate issued by Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam.
Yours Sincerely,
Santhosh Kanna S


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  1. :)) santosh saar.. kindly addition me on the yes tea list also…1. i have appendix and other vestigial organs (indication of very primitive traits= 400,000 years of evolution)2. i buying bread and keeping in fridge last deewali. now it has 5 meters of DISTINCTIVE CULTURE3. i am alone in cubicle, drive alone and having seperate room also. no figure for mattering also4. i am ore the vekkams. when some vaisu ponnu comes home i hide behind curtain and make 45degree circles with toe5. .eb nac sa drawkcab sa ma i(i am also yaezha makkal and under daag…. btw- my jaadi has 25 seats so if me no ST i shall kalachufy aatchi..) kindly enclosings the my case also

    Comment by Mark IV — June 7, 2007 @ 7:02 PM | Reply

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