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July 2, 2007

Raghu’s marriage

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Made it to Ram’s brother, Raghu’s marriage (28th June). Incidentally, I think this was the first marriage of the Thevar community that I’ve attended, which is quite surprising considering the number of people I know from the community. It wasn’t exactly something along the lines of Kaadhal‘s Thandatti Karuppayi, but then I guess my expectations were along the lines of the way Americans expect of India. Still, there was enough crowd to make sure we guys had to wait a bit to get lunch, and there were enough politicians – old and present – to make up an assembly here. The fact that I’ve not been able to make it to most occasions and events for the past 2 yrs meant that the “pleasant surprise”(shock, for the disinclined) element was in place. And the catching up with a few old friends was nice too, even if the backslapping did get a bit out of hand.

Raghu was 4 yrs our senior in school, and there is this friend of his, Shakthi Saravanan, who was also in karate back in school. He was one of the guys who started the legacy that we guys then improved/carried on, winning everything in sight. Sturdily built, with piercing eyes, a swaggering walk and enough driving prowess on his ‘altered’ bike, he was one of our idols back then. He was here for the marriage, and I hardly recognised him. The swagger is all but gone, as is a bit of his hair; he seems to be not as tall as I remembered him, and hell, I heard he’s going to be a father soon. Father Time sure seems to be working over time and late nights these days.

Yanyways, we guys went up to the dais to wish Raghu, and since I’ve known him since like me and Ram had to wear shorts to school, I was right in the front and the conversation we both had went something like this :

me : Annathey!!!
he : Dai! Vaa da IBM u. Enna, thoranayae mariduchu. Melinjitayae da!
me : Vidunga thalai. Namma spiderman sonna madhiri, shakthigal kooda kooda, poruppugalum kooduthu.
he : So gift edhuvum ilai?
me : Annan kalyanathuku thambinga naanga gift ellama koduthu annana kashtapadutharadhu? Neenga dhan annathey engaluku pudhu dress eduthu koduthrukanum. But, unga thambi engaluku koduka vaendiya kadan la enga gift kaasa kalichikunga.
he : Ennatha? Enga varra envelope la pathi edho evan pocket ku dhan poitu iruku paru.
me & he : Vectra eduthrundheengalae, evlo kodukuthu? malaiku engavadhu eduthacha? engine evlo set ayiruku?
me : aama, ennamo suit ellam thacheengalamae. enga enna, veshti oda pose koduthutrukeenga.
he : Summa iru da. Rendu pakkamum (parents,bride) orae kadi
me : Oh, evangalaa neenga love panna ponnu? appo annaiku bike la unga kooda vandhangalae, avanga….?



  1. hey, that’s not really fair!! Please translate that conversation into English for non-southies like me………

    Comment by Sanket — July 3, 2007 @ 11:58 PM | Reply

  2. @sanketthe conversation is more in the local slang… the essence wud be lost… but at the end of the conversation, I can say the bride was seen be a lot more redder in the face;)

    Comment by santhosh — July 6, 2007 @ 1:27 AM | Reply

  3. so there

    Comment by santhosh — July 6, 2007 @ 1:39 AM | Reply

  4. ok………

    Comment by Sanket — July 6, 2007 @ 10:46 AM | Reply

  5. Wanna c how u r gonna stand on the dais!i mean ur outfit….

    Comment by Anonymous — July 7, 2007 @ 4:52 AM | Reply

  6. @anonlet’s see…1st marriage – suit2nd marriage – veshti sattai3rd marriage – tux4th marriage – dry leaves

    Comment by santhosh — July 7, 2007 @ 4:03 PM | Reply

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