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July 4, 2007

Minding the o’s and the e’s.

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It should be 100 fOOt Road, not 100 fEEt Road, unless you’re taking “100 Feet Road” together as one proper noun, which I doubt is the case.
You say 50 kg Tajmahal, you don’t say 50 kgs Tajmahal
You say 100 rupee note, you don’t say 100 rupees note.

You can use feet if it is being followed by a preposition, like in 100 feet OF road, in which case ‘road’ will become the object of the preposition ‘of ‘. When used as an adjective, the qualifying term has to be in the singular form.

Now, the 100 f**t road runs from the end of the Domlur flyover till CMH road. This is approximately 2 kms. So, if the city planners did truly provide 100 feet (0.03048 kms) of road space along the length of the road, we end up with 2*0.03048 = 0.06096 square kilometers of bad grammar. Taking the population density of Bangalore (3000/km²) into the equation, we have 183 people with bad grammar just because of their geography of existence at any instant of time.

psst : the population density of dogs in the city may give us anywhere from 331 to 444 dogs, all of them barking their heads off, wEEf wEEf!!!


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