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July 30, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly HOllows

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Why wasn’t Felix Felicis used? Why couldn’t Voldemort realise that the psychic connection with Harry had reopened? Why did the centaurs join forces with wizards? Why didn’t Nagini realise Harry was present in the Whomping Willow when Snape was killed? Why did nefarious DeathEaters struggle to fight against school children? Why does one twin always have to die?

Ways HP7 could have been better

  • Cut. Snip. Axe. Chop. The book could have done without 200 pages without any difference in the plot (there is only so much introspection you can stand from a just-vayasukku-vandha kid), and another 100 could have been spent on the other characters who have all been developed so carefully, only for them to be bumped off without their dues. How about Lupin morphing into a wolf to take on Fenrir Greyback? Or Snape playing Occlumens with Voldmeort?
  • Where is the Firebolt? Right from the day Harry caught Neville’s remembrall in Madam Hooch’s class, we’ve been with him, taking vicarious pleasure from his sweeping adventures. This has been his one true skill, one true talent, and in the entire book not once does he fly the way we’d have wanted him to.
  • Above everything (even above him getting to snog Ginny), I hate the Potter kid for one thing in this book – he’s just way too goody goody. Show some spunk kid. Kick some ass. Death Eaters are killing everyone left and right, Voldemort’s killed your parents, you’ve lost your godfather, your mentor, your protector, your friends; all that bottled up emotion about a life that could have been; and you try Body-Bind curses, Shield charms, and Expelliarmus???
  • In the climax, Hagrid wrestling with Voldemort’s giants. And come to think of it – he could even form a wonderful tag team with Grawp. The WWEeeee World Heeaavyyy Weeightt Taaag Teeeammm Chaampionssss – Haaaaagriid and Graaaawpp!!!!
  • Voldy is Dumby’s son, Ginny is Voldy’s daughter, Harry is Voldy’s son, McGonagall is Voldy’s secret crush… Endless possibilities I tell you, Rowling – not one of them used.
  • But my personal favorite would be this old post of mine.


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