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August 27, 2007

Bus a kelappu lae

Filed under: Travels — Santhosh @ 11:56 AM

Veppamaram Puliyamaram Aalamaram Arasamaram, Oora vittu pogaporaen therinjiko….
Street Lamp : Adutha maasam thirumba varravanukku build up a paaruya!

26-08-07 — 21:25
KSRTC provides these magazines about Karnataka for every seat in the bus. But I fail to see the logic, even if the intent is really good, in providing these when there’s no way you can read them as the overhead lights have never worked (a driver once told me they don’t even hold bulbs). Anyways, I was browsing through the pages by the street light before the bus had started and came across an article about Kudremukha, the featured tourist place of the month. I can tell that KSRTC has got worthy value for the money spent on the editor when I read the first paragraph which advertises about Kudremukha’s ‘unseen flora and fauna’, ‘unexplored caves’, ‘unstudied ruins’, and a ‘retention of old civilisation’. And then there is this note that asks me to go to the Karnataka Tourism website for more pictures and details of the unseen and the unstudied.

26-08-07 21:45
The driver’s helper comes around handing out the customary blanket, the 200ml water bottle and the wet tissues for the morning whose wrapper asks to have a “pleasant journey”. The driver’s helper’s helper comes right on his boss’s heels, handing out plastic bags in case anyone feels like throwing up once the journey’s started.

26-08-07 22:00
My companion for the night (I know this sounds cheesy) in the next seat is this guy from Bangalore who’s come down for a tender for a new building at the Madurai Airport Terminal. This has been in the pipeline for quite sometime (like the past 6 years even per my knowledge), and silly me even gets a little excited that maybe things are moving around finally. But then when he says the idli at Murugan’s and the temple at Thirumohoor are wonderful, I’ll have to take it that maybe he’s been using the same bus for the last 6 yrs.

26-08-07 23:30
I think I know the blueprint for the building now Mr.Tender, and yes European tiles will look good on the first floor restrooms which in turn are of course very important for any public building. Such heart! You may go to sleep. Yes, yes, I’ll work on the water engineering part on how to set up a lawn; the Madurai climate is but a minor irritant. Take some rest now sir!

27-08-07 00:15
Have you ever wondered why it is that every mode of public transportation has to have atleast one screaming toddler?

27-08-07 00:25
And why your neighbour always snores?

27-08-07 00:55
Tea, biscuit, bun, Lays time!
Just a few more years and they’ll have a guy here also, asking us to take up an ICICI “Gold Lifetime-free” Credit Card.

27-08-07 01:45
Working in a no-sites-barred company coupled with a broadband connection at home have ensured I’ve never needed to play around with GPRS once college ended.

27-08-07 02:30
Speed seems good enough, connection’s stable enough. Much better than what I remember from days past.
You have to do some work to get through to the Labels section in Gmail (if your filters archive and label mails automatically).
Yahoo is much slower. Cricinfo takes an eternity. I don’t think the battery’s gonna hold for me to check out any updates on Google Reader.

27-08-07 03:30
My blog doesn’t open via GPRS.
Edulae antha aruvaala!



  1. Even with a broadband connection, firefox takes 5 minutes to display “Done” at the stauts bar. GPRS-la eppdai da open aakum? takes more time.

    Comment by Selvamuthukumar — August 31, 2007 @ 11:22 AM | Reply

  2. @selvatwitter doesn’t even open up with a broadband conn

    Comment by santhosh — September 12, 2007 @ 8:57 PM | Reply

  3. >And why your neighbour always snores?Most of the times, the neighbour not only snores but also bores you chatting non-stop about things that you are least bothered about

    Comment by Aparna — September 28, 2007 @ 6:15 PM | Reply

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