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December 4, 2007

Book Review: The Spy Who Came In From The Cold – John Le Carré

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Book Name: The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
Author: John le Carré
Year: 1963
Genre: Spy Fiction
This came very highly recommended from a friend and NYT and TIME rank it the all time best spy novel, even ahead of Ludlum’s Bourne series. The plot is pretty simple, there are no unexpected twists, the story moves forward seamlessly, and the script contains events that would have been original when the novel first came out but have now become movie clichés. But Carré lacks behind Ludlum in the psychology part – there just aren’t enough passages about what’s running through the protagonist’s mind. The mental struggle a spy must be experiencing, the fear, the anxiety, the adrenalin rush – none of these have been worked upon so that the story moves like a film with you watching the principal characters playing out their parts rather than you really feeling like you are a part. So, in all, a decent read; no jumping off buildings hero business, no loose ends, but I felt there are far too many pages dedicated to the building up of the character and a summary of his days (the pages with what he ate where and how he worked in the library) – almost like in HP7 where Harry and Hermione sit and move around a lot so that the days passing by are accounted for but nothing worthwhile has been added to the plot.
My Rating: 3/5.
Bourne any day!

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  1. funtastic review!

    Comment by How do we know — December 6, 2007 @ 8:14 PM | Reply

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