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January 28, 2008

caught Verbal bowled Quants

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A part of this post was actually typed up on Jan 9th, the day after the CAT results came, so don’t mind if parts of the post are in different tenses.

I’ve never really been too worked up about getting to see the results as soon as possible. I was in a browsing center when the 6th sem results came, was in CCD with Vijay after I’d written the IBM aptitude test, and was sleeping in an empty classroom when the 7th sem results came out. Chill yaar, it’s going to be the same after a few hours too, you’ve already waited for months, and you should know how you’ve done. It was the same with the CAT results. I did try a few times after 3pm when the results were supposed to be available, but the server was way too overloaded and I couldn’t get through. So I went out for a bit and forgot all about it, and checked my score by sms only around 7pm by which time I had something like a 100 offline messages asking for my score. I don’t even remember telling more than 2 people that I’d taken CAT, let alone that I’d done well. Looks like good news also does travel! Or was it disbelief?

My score(s) :

  • Verbal Ability
  • Expected : 52 +/- 5
  • Scored : 62
  • Percentile : 99.99
  • Logical Ability
    • Expected : 46 — 47.92 (1 invalid question)
    • Scored : 46 — 47.92
    • Percentile : 95.64
  • Quantitative
    • Expected : 32
    • Scored : 17
    • Percentile : 81.11
  • Total
    • Expected : 130 +/- 5
    • Scored : 126.92
    • Percentile : 99.58

    Expeced IIM calls : 5-6
    Received IIM calls: 2 (Bangalore, Indore)

    There are two things that stand out in my scores :
    1) Verbal ability percentile of 99.99.
    The expected score was 52, though there was at least 1 question that I felt the TIME and IMS answer keys had the wrong answer option given. So this was pretty much expected, though the percentile was not. To think that someone from a small town like Madurai, with zero preparation, could get this percentile should surprise a lot of people. Neeru’s been telling how his B-school mates looked him up and down when he told them one of his friends had got this percentile. If my memory serves me right, Raakesh had 99.7 in verbal. So, it’s not like we’re all only Madurai baashai and no Peter. Incidentally though, this Verbal score saved my day.

    2) Quants percentile of 81.11.
    When I first saw this number, my first reaction, strangely, was “Shit, not again!”. It was deja vu. It was like having seen all this already. It was like being back in TCE. I’m not sure how it’s in there right now, but those from my batch (2005) and the next (2006) will know what I mean**. And then I felt the shock. Math was easily my best subject in school. One reason was it came easily to me, and another reason was I needn’t spend much time on it. Apart from that, I was the Math club secretary and I was also in that Math Olympiad thingy for 3 rounds over 2 years before I got bored. Which is why I was thrilled to bits when I discovered the CAT paper for the year went back to our basic school math. And I thought I’d done well.

    ** For the last 3 semesters of my batch (it’s an autonomous college) : You know you’ve done the exam well, you know you’ve answered enough questions decently enough to comfortably pass, and yet when the results come out you find your marks are only about 10% of what you’ve expected. And then you apply for the xerox, find that the answers are all in there but no marks have been awarded for the majority of the questions, apply for revaluation, and find the exact same marks come up again.

    I think I spent the entire evening going through the quants section, re-solving the questions I’d solved, coming to know the official answer key had been released, re-checking the answers with what I’d marked in my question paper, and always coming to the same one conclusion – there was no way I could have scored anything other than 32.

    Total questions attempted : 13
    Correct answers : 9
    Wrong answers : 4
    Marks expected : (9*4) – (4*1) = 32

    The official answer key says the same too. Of the 13 questions I’ve attempted, exactly 9 are correct and exactly 4 are wrong.

    So the only logical conclusion I could come to was I should have messed up in the OMR shading. Which made it all the more disgusting, made more so when I realised that I’d blown up a once in a lifetime opportunity for immortality.

    Scored percentile : 99.58
    Percentile with expected marks in Quants : 99.95 (src : pagalguy)

    Till around 11.30pm when the server finally gave me a break, I was sure there would be no IIM calls because the quant percentile would now not clear the sectional cut-offs. Anyways. I’ve got calls from Bangalore and Indore, and on further probing found that only Bangalore and Indore give calls not based on just the cut-offs. There was something like calls also being sent to the top 10 in each of the 3 sections. So, the 99.99 in Verbal was what’s saved me. Though the initial disappointment was pretty much there on having to settle for just 2 calls instead of the expected 6, I think I would have settled for this without a moment’s thought before I took CAT. I have my Indore interview on Feb 20. Yet to receive the dates for Bangalore, though their website says it’s going to be between March 20 and April 8. So, let’s see.

    But in the meanwhile, as Markiv would say, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?



    1. Rocking da!! I’m sure you will convert the calls. Do good and my best wishes!

      Comment by Arun Ponniah — January 28, 2008 @ 4:14 PM | Reply

    2. I don’t even remember telling more than 2 people that I’d taken CAT, let alone that I’d done wellehmm… you put up a post on the internet about you taking the test… and well…congrats mate! :Dps: ur word verification now reads “gap mapi” 🙂

      Comment by Mark IV — January 30, 2008 @ 5:43 PM | Reply

    3. i wil personally shoot u if u settle for anythin less than A

      Comment by crazyBugga — February 2, 2008 @ 10:26 AM | Reply

    4. That’s great! Congrats & All the best! 🙂

      Comment by Aparna — February 4, 2008 @ 1:56 PM | Reply

    5. @sapThanks mapi!@markivso somebody does read my posts then..

      Comment by santhosh — February 5, 2008 @ 12:36 AM | Reply

    6. @crazybuggaSariyana “A” paiyan da nee!@aparnaThanks!

      Comment by santhosh — February 5, 2008 @ 12:38 AM | Reply

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